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What are these 2 WD pickups worth?
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Author:  mrorganic778 [ Sun Apr 23, 2017 7:34 pm ]
Post subject:  What are these 2 WD pickups worth?

I realized this will depend a lot on the condition and more. I just found a 81 Datsun standard cab pickup that has only 200,000 miles on it according to the ad. I am going to look at it monday. It looks pretty good in the pictures. The guy claims it leaks air, don't know what that means yet, so he says he has to give it shot of either to get it started. He also claims it gets 47 mpg, i don't think it will do that. I have not used much either in years but it can sure help a rig start. I really don't have a clue about what these are worth.

Author:  waynosworld [ Sun Apr 23, 2017 10:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What are these 2 WD pickups worth?

It really depends on a lot of things, where you are, condition of the vehicle, condition of the engine, anything that needs either to start is not in good condition, there could be a lot of things that cause this also, I have a rig that no matter how long I turn it over it will not start, it turned out to be electrical, specifically the oil pressure circuit, these trucks need oil pressure before the injection pump controller will move to the start or run position, I changed that sensor and nothing improved, but if I removed the wire from the sensor it starts right away, after I figured that out I changed every electrical component and there was still no improvement, so now I just leave that wire off the sensor, I still don't know why it will not work properly to this day, I have an oil pressure gauge.
Using ether is bad for these engines, very bad from what I have heard, I don't know that I would buy a rig from someone that instead of fixing the issue they use ether to get it going, makes me think they have not a clue what is going on, I suppose if it was cheap enough that I might buy it as a parts rig, and then if you can figure out the issue you will be ahead, but it is not a running rig if you cannot get in it, turn the key on, let the glow plugs warm and when the light goes out start it, and when I want to shut it down just turn the key off, anything else is not a properly functioning rig.
So around here in the Pacific Northwest a diesel rig that functions properly can go for under a couple thousand or more, ones that need special needs go for under a thousand, I have bought several diesel trucks that the engine started without issues to the surprise of the owner for $500.00, but they had to be towed home because the transmission was broken, they had no brakes, or they were literally rusting away, I have brought home several $500.00 dollar trucks and fixed them.
Recently I seen an ad for a diesel truck in Portland for $2000.00/$2050.00/$2200.00, unless that truck is in awesome shape I would not pay $2000.00 for it, but that is me, this is the ad for the one I am talking about, the guy has 3 different prices in 2 different ads.
I have never had a diesel truck that got over 35mpg, but I drive fast on the hiways, a friends dad had a diesel 720 that he said got 41mpg, but the guy drives 50mph every where, he has the lightest foot I ever seen, he is aggravating to follow, he may have got that type of mileage, that engine ran real good.
Another thing I would be suspect of is if the engine is warmed up before you get there, when I used to go look at diesel trucks I told them not to warm it up before I got there, I said I wanted to be the one to start it up, it had to be overnight cold, fact is I have never paid more than 2000.00 for a diesel truck, and that one was perfect, it had a rebuilt engine in it and a nice contractors canopy, it was a nice truck.
If your in the Portland area, are you the one that called me about my Nissan diesel parts ad, but you were looking for a complete truck?

Author:  plenzen [ Mon Apr 24, 2017 8:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: What are these 2 WD pickups worth?

I have to agree with Wayne on this.
Best mileage I ever got on my 1987 D21 SD25 was 7.2L/100km ( or about 31 mpg us ). That was a very warm summer day and averaged about 90km/h highway for about 600km.
My dad who had this truck from brand new said that was about all he ever got with it as well.
He did however have a 720 with an SD22 in it and said that it did do a bit better for MPG's but nothing like 47mpg US which is like 5.04L/100Km. That's TDI Jetta/Golf mileage and I would be very highly skeptical of that number.

I would NOT buy one of these diesels that had been given a "shot of ether" on any kind of a regular basis. Very VERY bad for these little guys or any IDI diesel for that matter.
The precup can get blown out of the cylinder head or, if not blown out, loosened and fall out once running.
Either way that's a very bad thing.
WD 40 can be used sparingly as a starting agent or better yet hot air from a blow dryer or heat gun stuffed into the intake.
"Leaking air" to me sounds like low compression.

Unless it is in exceptional shape and will start cold on its own with properly operating glow plugs I would say plan on some engine work, and frustration finding parts.

IMO only

Author:  mrorganic778 [ Tue Apr 25, 2017 2:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What are these 2 WD pickups worth?

Thanks to both of you guys, I looked at the rig yesterday, it has lots of rust, when i opened the driver door i pulled up the floor map and there was a good size hole right there on the left, at least three inches. The guy trying to sell the rig knows almost nothing about it. He pulled out the hand throttle on left side of the steering wheel and called it a choke and set it at a pretty high before he would even crank it. I did tell the guy not to start it before i got there. He had a can of ether and i said lets try it with out the ether, he said i won't start with out a shot, I give it a very tiny shot about quarter to half a second and it started right up, ran ruff and at a high rpm, I got in and lower the engine rpm after a minute of running, smoked some but not near as bad as mind. Mind has over 300,000, this one only had 207,000 on the odometer. After just a few minutes it was running smooth with almost no smoke, so little smoke you would have to look hard to see any. The guy didn't know it should have to use the glow plugs, there was no light or beep to let you know the glow plugs are heating up, he did not allow for the glow plugs to heat up. After i shut it off, i turned the key to the run position and i could hear something click, but no light or beep to show the glow plugs are working. There was a good size hole in the rubber tubing from the air filter to the intake.
I offered the guy $300, he said he had another guy coming to look at it, I think the rig is easily worth $500. Would love to hear your opinions? I am thinking about telling him i will give him $500. The body is rusty but the one i have is far worse as far as rust. I have another regular cab 720 that is gas and i pulled the engine out of, it is a far better body. But i figure a lot of work putting my diesel in it. I did not drive it as I was not happy with it, I feel i would have to do some work on it before i would drive it on the high ways if ever. I just use my other one a tiny bit here on the farm. It needs work.

Do you guys know if parts to rebuild one of these engines are available? My local parts guy says he can get rebuild kit for I think he said $800.

I have not called any one in Vancouver about one of these trucks. But i only live about 4 hours drive from Vancouver.

This morning i looked at my rubber tube from the air cleaner and it has cracks that probably allow air leaks, so i am going to get one of those or make one.

Author:  mrorganic778 [ Tue Apr 25, 2017 2:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What are these 2 WD pickups worth?

Waynosworld; Just checked out that craigslist ad, wow that looks like a really nice pickup. I don't have enough to buy that rig and it is a bit far for me to want to drive over and look at. At only $160,000 miles, that rig might be worth $2000. Actually i think that is the best one of these rigs i have seen. thanks for the post.

Author:  waynosworld [ Tue Apr 25, 2017 10:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What are these 2 WD pickups worth?

Just use black electrical tape and wrap it around the rubber tube where it has the cracks, I have done that before and it worked great and it looks alright.
I have an ad on Craigslist and had someone calling asking me if I had any running trucks for sale, that is why I asked.
Where do you live(city)?
The problem is that the guy doesn't know how to start a Nissan diesel engine, being that it is cold out still, they start harder, the only way to tell if the glow plugs are warming for sure is to check for power at the glow plug wire, but I suspect that if it started at least a couple were working as if they had no power, it likely would not even try to start, even with ether.
When cold I let my glow plugs warm till I hear that click, then I start it, I have the light, but it goes off when I hear the click, once warmed up I can go in the store, do my shopping, put the stuff in the truck, turn the key on for a few seconds and then start it and it starts right away, only when it is cold(hours of sitting) do I let it cycle.
If you think the engine is alright it might be worth $500.00, but I will say this, if you see white smoke puff out the exhaust when the engine misses, that is normal, but if you see whitish smoke coming out till it warms up even though the engine is not missing, then it has issues and I would not by it, that smoke has a funny smell also, I overheated one of my SD25 engines, it was never the same after that, it smoked whitish smoke for 10 minutes, but that engine was never a strong engine, it had a lot of waste oil(WVO) put thru it before I bought it.

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