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Chicago Auto Show

Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2007 12:10 pm
by glenlloyd
Went to the Chicago Auto Show a week ago. It was fun but there were so many people about that it was hard to see anything.

I really wanted to see the Audi TDI powered vehicle but unfortunately they didn't bring it. Diesel technology was not represented well except at the Dodge booth. I also wanted to look under the hood of the Sprinter but they had all the hood latches disconnected...hmmmf!

Volkswagen brought a Toureg TDI but that was it, and paper brochures were very thin. They all wanted you to use their wireless gadgets / display terminals to look at their product lines.

I took a bunch of video but haven't waded through it yet, and I was really tired so it's awfully tired so it's not the best.

A little too much glitz for me, and I laughed when Ford announced that it was scrapping the Five Hundred / Montego nameplate and returning to Taurus / Sable. I also found it funny that they're rebadging one of the SUV vehicles as a Taurus. AND, they actually had the balls to bring the much criticized Jaguar wagon!

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