Big Marine Diesels

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Big Marine Diesels


Post by fud2468 »

I know off-topic is not supposed to be for diesel topics, but maybe I can get some direction to the proper site for information.
I recently went on a cruise and was interested in the diesel engines used on the ship, made by Sulzer in Europe. Ship's crew was no help and neither is the Sulzer site.
I tried another site and got one reply saying that some cargo ships use much larger engines that develop as much as 100,000 hp and a MILLION ft.-lb. of torque! They turn at 100 rpm or so.
Interesting also is the use of bunker oil on the cruise ship when out to sea, heated to 125 degrees C.
I noticed the exhaust at cruising speed seemed to be an off-white color--sulfer content maybe?
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Post by TooManyIdeas »

I saw info on DIESELPOWERMAG.COM about that 100,000 hp diesel. Did you see the pic of the overhaul they were doing? The piston RING was bigger than the mechanic
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Post by fud2468 »

Thanks, I will check out that site.
I did see a picture of one that was about 3 stories high, with stairs going to the upper levels. A man standing on one of the catwalks looked like an ant beside the engine.
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Re: Big Marine Diesels


Post by Highway Man »

In my past, I have walk inside a Diesel Crankcase on a Ship of which I was a crew Member, after we had withdrawn Her Pistons and removed Her three CylinderHeads, Big, Grotty, 72 hours and she was running again,

Another but different Ship I stood looking for a Cylinder crack in a Three Cylinder Steam Engine, again, Big, Grotty, and my Mother went Ap*s&it at having to wash my Overalls before I returned for my Watch onboard!


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Re: Big Marine Diesels


Post by plenzen »

My dad was engineer on some of those big boys during the war.

He has many stories of engine repairs/fixes while at sea and in convoy.
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