USA-Canada border crossings

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USA-Canada border crossings


Post by kassim503 » 12 years ago

I saw this shiny new pair of wheels for the maxima on ebay. and I wanna score them.

I was wondering how enforced is the passport thing? Can I just finagle my way thru using my drivers license? I dont think I would have a problem, I done this a year ago, but that was when the new laws just came into effect.
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Post by asavage » 12 years ago

I got some hassle three years ago when I was coming back to the US at the Blaine, WA crossing. The guy gave me some guff, not having a passport. I have not tried since, but I can't imagine that having gotten better.

I applied for a passport a year ago. They wanted to know more about me than I wanted to tell them right then (something equivalent to "what high school did your father graduate from?" or somesuch drivel), and eventually they sent me my application check back. I still have the stack of paperwork, maybe I'll try again someday.

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