Tampa Fl Biodiesel homebrew and equipment class, January

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Tampa Fl Biodiesel homebrew and equipment class, January


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Biodiesel Essentials class
January 26-27, 2008
at a farm location just outside of Tampa , FL (sorry, don't have exact town name yet)
hosted by the moderator of the Florida Biodiesel list: http://www.groups.yahoo.com/floridabiodiesel (brand-new, please join us)

Class registration fee:
Early-bird discount on registration: $108 until December 15th
$120 from Dec 16 to Jan 11th
$130 after Jan 12th, to discourage last-minute registrations

No one turned away for lack of funds.
Register at http://www.girlmark.com/tour

You may build an Appleseed processor at this class if you buy a kit from b100supply.com

This class teaches you everything you need to know to make high quality biodiesel, use your system more efficiently, and make informed decisions about shortcuts. We cover the following topics, but also tailor the class to more advanced students or different questions, as appropriate. There are extensive hands-on lab portions in the class during which you will get individual attention to make sure you understand the topics fully and can do the techniques on your own at home.

Some topics:
biodiesel/SVO/solvent thinning (ie DSE etc) options and history, biodiesel chemistry, testing oil (titration and water testing), making test batches, an overview of equipment, a chance to build your own reactor at the end of Sunday's class, quality control factors, quality testing, mistwashing and other water washing options, breaking emulsion, two-stage base biodiesel, waste water and glycerine disposal, reuse, waterless soap removal with Amberlite and GL's process, common pitfalls, hands-on experience recovering from failed batches and emulsion, safety

Biodiesel Equipment intensive:
Monday, January 28
same location
$45 regardless of date
Register at http://www.girlmark.com/tour
Optional: you may build equipment to take home (you can also attend if you don't build your own), at this class

Equipment options include: methanol recovery related parts, motorized methoxide mixer, dry tank, heatable wash tank, Turk burner, improved Appleseed processor.

If you wish to buy your own parts, there is an additional fee for parts costs which will be posted to this thread later in November
For a rough idea of the costs and type of equipment, please see this thread from a previous event. You will get hands-on time building our equipment (for our host's farm system) even if you don't want to buy your own parts:


Maria 'girl Mark' Alovert is a biodiesel production technology consultant. She is the author of The Biodiesel Homebrew Guide, a manual on biodiesel production, the founder of the community-written biodiesel homebrewing tutorial site http://www.biodieselcommunity.org and the inventor of the Appleseed Processor, an 'open source' design now used by thousands of people around the world to produce biodiesel on a 'homebrew' scale. She has been involved in home-scale biodiesel technology development since 2000.
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