Band Saws

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Band Saws


Post by pbknowles » 12 years ago

Hi all, I am looking at used vertical band saws. I would like to be able to cut both light gauge metals and wood. My dad had an old Delta saw he used for both, and I think all he did was change blades and added some step down pulleys (like on a belt drive drill press) to slow the blade FPM down when cutting metal. I have looked at several industrial quality metal cutting saws and they have hard rubber tires on the wheels just like the wood cutting ones, but they also add a stiff brush which knocks most of the chips off the wheel. Any thoughts on this? Also, many of the older saws I have seen do not have a 3/4 track milled in the table for a miter gauge, while most of the newer ones do. I can't see really using a miter gauge that much on a band saw, and you can always rig a fence for long straight cuts, so wasn't too concerned about this feature. I am not much of a woodworker, but I want to build some Adirondack chairs over the winter. I know, I don't really need a band saw to build Adirondack chairs, but don't tell my wife!
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Post by rlaggren » 12 years ago

Don't know why a saw wouldn't go both ways except be careful of sparks from cutting metal lighting off sawdust from previous work... Also, heavy duty metal cutting involves lubricant/coolant which can be messy w/out special provisions.

Cheers, Rufus

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