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Line lock

Posted: Tue Nov 27, 2007 9:15 pm
by kassim503
Are line locks one way solenoids? They seem to have arrows on them reccomending one way of flow, I dont know if when they are engaged, can they sustain pressure from both sides, or only one way.

My car has frozen parking brake cables, so I figured I could solve it by installing a line lock on the rear line, and have it do double duty- one as a parking brake, in case im gonna park on a steep hill for a short amount of time, so id lock the pressure into the rear calipers.

Also id like to be able to lock the pressure out of the rear calipers, in case I light them up, cause im a avid tire spinner.

See if anybody can gift one to me, one less gift this season that would wind up on a shelf never to be used again.