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Painting tips


Post by asavage » 12 years ago

I've just purchased (eBay) a new Sata Minijet 4 SR w/1.0mm tip. I think I'd like to purchase a variety of tips to go with it, but haven't found a supplier. I think I'd like to buy a 0.8mm, 1.2mm and 1.4mm (though maybe when I discover the cost, I may re-think this).

Anyone using a Sata minijet? Advice? Obviously, I won't be painting large panels with this rig, but my upcoming project is rust repair and I have to paint the repaired areas at the least. This being a HVLP rig, I'm hoping the overspray can be minimized. I've read that the minijet can be dialed right down to almost airbrush volume.

I have a suitable compressor. I will be using disposable inline filter cartridges, in addition to the compressor's std. moisture trap (which is fairly effective, on top of the dual auto-purge tank valves I added last year). I suppose I'll need to add a mini pressure gauge directly at the gun. Anything else in the realm of accessories I should be thinking about immediately? I am not a painter -- yet -- but I think I'd like to do more finish work in future; this minijet 4 is my first specific step in that direction.

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Post by kassim503 » 12 years ago

Keep me posted on your progress, im planning on doing some all-out bodywork/ painting on my maxima this summer.

Try to lose the dents, rust, and poor bondo work and coat it in a nice coat of blue or black, and im planning on spraying it myself, which means its time to educate myself on HVLP usage, and figuring out how to use activators and reducers correctly, a skill I want to pick up.
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