australian fires

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australian fires


Post by davehoos » 11 years ago

bad fires in victoria
" if it occured during school times complete towns would have died"
half the total number of people killed in fires in aust history weas killed last week. ... ummary.htm

normal fires around in NSW,
notice the size of the areas..also flood in western NSW.

very big floods in Queensland.

AUSTRALIA-Land of drought and plenty.

TV coverage is good.ABC radio is very good.

hang a GREENIE campain has started.I think that a lot of changes to my lifestyle for the better will occure due to this disaster.The silent older generation has been given media time and are rattling the cages.

NO FIRES HERE.we had high temps-low 40's cel.strong winds and storms.
lots of trees down along the roads.its now heavy rain.flash flood expected.

I was asked to volenteer to go to Victoria for a 5 day rotation with RFS,
I declined due to work comitments,the heat has given us more work than we can handle.
Im not a specialist fireman,I dont think I would be adding to there needs,might rethink if it goes on for sometime.

our village RFS truck is a CAT 7 mitubishi canter [6 seater crew cab,plus outside unprotected crew has a small water capacity and pumps] rural/grassland striker/personel carrier.

this disaster will have to effect the economy.the money disaster has given me more work as people repair rather than replace.i dont know what will happen as tradespeople move to vic to reconstruct and the money starts to go there.

ive been asked to start education of locals to understand the fire plans talked about non stop on TV.this is not common practice here as in victoria,we expect people to naturally have a personal plan if they live in the bush.common sence planning.

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Post by fud2468 » 11 years ago

Many of us on the west coast of the US can appreciate your tragedy. In 1965 we lost 2 rental units on a piece of property. We had bought it with the idea of having the rent help make payments while we planned to build our "dream home" on another part of the property. We never recovered from this and sold the land (still bare) in 2002.
The fire started about 15 miles away on a summer day, 60 mph winds and low humidity. It appears you had similar conditions there. In our case the wind drove embers great distances, leaving much of the terrain in between untouched. The wind drove the smoke low to the ground and people had no idea how close the flames were until they were almost on them. Our tenants had to flee with nothing but the clothes on their backs but did make it out.
In southern California and other areas homes have been built in forested areas and they often do not have defensible space around them. Even with that, flying embers can hit and the house is doomed.
Ray Mac

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