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StreamLight Stinger 75100 charger repair

Posted: Mon May 09, 2011 9:17 pm
by asavage
Notes to myself . . .

I own three older Stinger flashlights, and two charger bases. I bought two of them new with one base.

I picked up the 3rd light & charger base at a swap meet a while back. The charger got intermittant, so I opened it up, and found burnt stuff.

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Image Image

Since I have two of 'em, I opened the working one to read the values of those burnt resistors.

Image Image

For the search engines:
VR: LM317T voltage regulator
Q1: 2N3906
C1: 100uf 25v
R1: 6.9 ohms
R2: 6.9 ohms
R3: 33 ohms

The diodes are fine, and while the VR and Q1 aren't shorted, I ordered the them plus the resistors & cap for under $2 at . After shipping, it'll be about $8. While I can buy a new charger for $25, I'm cheap. Plus, this gave me an excuse to reinstall PhotoShop again -- it went away 2+ years ago when my home 'doze box died. I recently bought a replacement 'doze box, but hadn't gotten around to the reinstall.