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C240: Nissan Caball

Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2013 11:07 am
by asavage
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Petrol 2000cc 99HP / Diesel 2200cc 70HP



Nissan Caball can easily carry a 2-ton payload. Moreover Caball is fast -- its maximum speed being 110 km/h. Today's fast moving world requires trucks with speed as well as power. Caball is tailored to fit this requirement. NISSAN Caball is not only fast and powerful but provides comfort, almost comparable to a passenger car. To produce more comfort for driver, an advanced system of long-span leaf springs, torsion bar stabilizers and highly efficient hydraulic shock absorbers are employed. A minimum turning radius of only 5.3m provides high maneuverability.


Roomy Cab
This cab has a lot of features to note. Visibility? Excellent. Because the windshield has a panoramic view which makes driving so much easier. The windshield has another feature -- it is made of safety glass. The safety cone type steering wheel, combined with a easy-to-reach automatic switch-off turn-signal and a horn ring, is slanted at an angle making driving easy. The instrument panel is compact and can be read at a glance. The light, roomy cab makes any drive in a NISSAN Caball a genuine pleasure.


A big steering wheel, readily visible meters, easily accessible switches and knobs -- they are all there to ensure safe and easy driving.



Ventilator that brings in fresh air under all weather conditions is installed in the front floor and the side of the cab. The volume of air is conveniently adjustable.


Driver's seat is a semi-bucket type adjustable fore and aft to a total of 110 mm to ensure a fatigue-free driving posture.



Spacious Cargo Deck
The wheelhouses are smaller to provide more loading space. The cargo deck is all steel and therefore extremely durable making it fit for any kind of cargo. The cargo deck is only 80cm above the ground which makes loading and unloading easier. This lowness of cargo deck means another thing—a low center of gravity which makes high-speed transportation more stable even under a full load.


Sturdy Chassis
Because the Caball is sturdily constructed, it will stand up to any strain or stress. The frame of high-tensile steel is highly resistant to bendings and torque pressures. This frame increases the strength and durability of the body.


If your task calls for fast movement of loads, then there is Nissan's new compact 2,000 cc 99 HP 4-cylinder petrol engine. Smooth, quiet and economical, this power-packed unit engine is an ever-willing and trustworthy worker anywhere, anytime. Strong torque is yielded widely at speeds from medium to low.

Where economy is of prime importance, this small, light, 4-cylinder, 4-cycle 2,200 cc diesel engine is the obvious choice.
Nissan Diesel engine was perfected after years of research and experiments. It has plenty of reserve power even with a 2-ton load. With a maximum output of 70 HP (4,000 rpm) and torque of 14.8 m-kg (4,000 rpm) its stamina is unexcelled. Moreover, it is economical, fuel consumption being low at all speeds and exceptionally quiet. A long trouble-free and economical life is assured by the first-class workmanship and the quality of materials used to produce these smooth-running units.


Nissan Caball is fitted with powerful hydraulic brakes, the brake pedal requiring only a slight pressure. Furthermore every type of Caball is equipped with a hydro-master which makes powerful brakes all the more powerful, thereby making quick braking easier and smoother.


MODELS: (L)C240 Q(L)C240
Overall length 4690 mm 184.7 in) 4690 rem 184.7 in)
Overall width 1690 mm 66.5 in) 1690 mm 66.5 in)
Overall height 1990 mm 78.4 in) 1990 mm 78.4 in)
Wheel base 2500 mm 98.4 in) 2500 mm 98.4 in)
Tread front 1395 mm 54.9 in) 1395 mm 54.9 in)
Tread rear 1410 mm 55.5 in) 1410 mm 55.5 in)
Rear body length 3100 mm 122.1 in) 3100 mm 122.1 in)
Rear body width 1600 mm 63.0 in) 1600 mm 63.0 in)
Rear body height 420 mm 16.5 in) 420 mm 16.5 in)
Min. road clearance 180 mm 7.1 in) 180 mm 7.1 in)
Vehicle weight 1510 kg (3329 lb) 1585 kg (3494 lb)
Seating capacity 3 3 Max. Payload 2000 kg (4409 lb) 2000 kg (4409 lb)

PERFORMANCE: Max. speed 110 km/h (70 mph) 95 km/h (60 mph)
Max. grade ability (sin 0) 0.349 0.293
Min. turning radius 5.3 m (17.4 ft) 5.3 rn (17.4 ft)
Brake stopping distance at 50 km/h 15 m (49.2 ft)

ENGINE: Model H20 SD22
Type Petrol Diesel
Water cooled, 4 cycle O.H.V. 4 cylinder in line
Bore 87.2 mm (3.43 in) 83.0 mm (3.26 in)
Stroke 83.0 mm (3.26 in) 100.0 rem (3.94 in)
Displacement 1982 cc (121 Cu. in) 2164 cc (132 Cu. in)
Compression ratio 8.2 : 1 22 : 1
Max. B.H.P. (SAE) 99 HP at 5000 r.p.m. 70 HP at 4000 r.p.M.
Max. Torque (SAE) 17.0 m-kg (123 ft-lb) 14.8 m-kg (107 ft-lb) a at 3600 r.p.m. t 1800 r.p.m.
Battery 12V, 50 A.H. 12V, 100 A.H.
Generator 12V-300W 12vi00w
Starter 12V-1.0 KW 12V-1.8 KW

FUEL SYSTEM: Dual barrel downdraft type carburetor Mechanical type diaphragm pump ; Paper element type air cleaner ; Fuel tank capacity 60 lit. (15.8 U.S. gal.) (Petrol), Diesel Kiki fuel injection pump with pneumatic governor, automatic timer, mechanical lift pump; Throttle type nozzles ; Pencil type glow plugs; Paper element type air cleaner ; Fuel tank capacity 60 lit. (15.8 U.S. gal.) (Diesel)

LUBRICATION SYSTEM: Pressure feed with full flow type oil filter ; Gear type pump ; Oil pan capacity 3.85 lit. (1.02 U.S. gal.) (Petrol), 5.50 lit. (1.45 U.S. gal.) (Diesel)

TRANSMISSION: 4 forward and 1 reverse (Std.); 5 forward and 1 reverse (Optional); Synchromeshed on all forward gears; Speed change lever on steering column ; Gear ratio 1st 5.429, 2nd 3.048, 3rd 1.780, 4th 1.000, (5th 0.820 option), rev. 6.544.


Single dry-disc with cushioning springs ; Facing area 352.4 sq. cm (54.6 sq. in
REAR AXLE Full floating axle ; Hypoid bevel gear ; Ratio 6.143 (Petrol), 5.857 (Diesel). 6.500 (Option for 5-speed TIM)

FRONT SUSPENSION: Parallel semi-elliptic springs. Telescopic type shock absorber. REAR SUSPENSION: Parallel semi-elliptic leaf springs, 8 leaves with helper rubber, Telescopic type shock absorber

STEERING: Both right and left hand drive are available; Hindley worm and roller type Ratio 23.6 :1; Steering wheel dia. 430 mw (16.9 in). FRAME: Pressed-steel channel type.

BRAKES: Hydraulic internal expanding for front and rear with hydrovac servo; Parking brake mechanically operated on rear wheels only.
Petrol Optional Diesel Optional
Front 7.00-15-6P (7.50-15-10P or 12P) 7.00-15-8P (7.50-15-10P or 12P)
Rear 7.00-15-10P (7.50-15-10P or 12P) 7.00-15-1OP (7.50-15-1 OP or 12P)

LAMPS: Two dual head lamps with dipping ; Two parking and front turn signal lamps; Two rear combination lamps (stop, tail and turn signal lamps); Reflectors ; Room lamp ; Reverse lamp.

INSTRUMENTS: Speedometer ; Thermometer ; Combined fuel gauge ; Oil pressure warning light ; Turn signal indicator ; Main beam warning light; Wiper switch ; Lighting switch.
(Petrol) Ignition and starting switch ; Ignition warning lamp ; Choke control knob.
(Diesel) Starting switch ; Charge warning lamp ; Idling and stop knob; Glow plug signal.

BODY WORKS & EQUIPMENTS: Two self parking windshield wipers ; Package tray; Front & side ventilators ; Interior back mirror ; Outside back mirror ; Ash tray; Assist strap ; Glove box ; Grab handle ; Sunvisor Spare tire carrier under cargo floor ; Tool kit ; Spore wheel and tire.

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENTS: Radio; Clack; Heater ; Windshield washer ; Cigarette lighter ; Fog lamps; Nonslip diff.; Sunvisor (Passenger's side); Heavy duty springs; Double tone horn ; Safety belt.

HC 240 HOC 240
Overall length 5710 mm (224. in)
Overall width 1955 mm ( 77.0 in)
Overall height 2090 mm ( 82.3 in)
Wheel base 3100 mm (122.0 in)
Rear body length 4100 mm (161.4 in)
Rear body width 1820 mm ( 71.7 in)
Rear body height 380 mm ( 15.0 in)
Vehicle weight 1875 kg (4134 lb) 1950 kg (4299 lb)
(Light Van, 14 seater Micro Bus, Rear Dump Truck)


Image Image Image

I have a fondness for four-speed-on-column shifters. My Simca Aronde had one, as did my early-60s MBs (220SEb, 200D, etc.).

Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2013 7:15 am
by plenzen
Digging through some boxes Al ?

Little early for Spring Cleaning, or is this a Winter Purging ?

Interesting stuff.

Thanks for sharing


Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2013 12:42 pm
by asavage
Actually, testing the large-format scanners (I have two). Lots of system updates left me unable to operate SCSI devices, due to the inability of the SCSI Adapter driver (AIC7870.ADD) to play well with others when assigned a high IRQ via APIC. The fix was to lobotomize APIC to assign an IRQ < 16 to the adapter & driver.

But it took a lot of work to find that.

I have a bunch of sales literature, some I was given, some I inherited, and much I used to buy from eBay sellers. This Caball with optional SD power was just near the top of the pile, and I like its green color.

Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 11:02 pm
by asavage
I had a light streak in the scans that I found yesterday when scanning some Dodge stuff, and it led to me ripping out half the optics and cleaning them, so I bumped the DPI up to 600 (from the 300dpi I use for text) and re-scanned all of this brochure. Turns out I didn't realize that it was a four-page brochure! So now there's a bunch more pics and text.

I like that foot pedal for the floor ventilation. And how about this gem:
. . . 2,200 cc diesel engine . . . has plenty of reserve power even with a 2-ton load.

Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2013 7:54 am
by plenzen
That foot pedal thing would be fine for those living where it does not get below freezing ................EVER !
In this part of the world I would have had that blown in with urethane foam. YIKES !
Would most likely need hip waders in the monsoon times as well. Appears you can see the road below with that open.
As for the power comment.
:D :D :D
It barely has enough power to pull the skin of a pudding let alone haul around it's bad 4300 lb self with a 4000 lbs. on board.
Seriously ?
An SD22 hauling 8000lbs total ?
Must have 6.88 : 1 final drive
Top speed 32Mph on the gov.

It is pretty cool though

Posted: Tue Mar 19, 2013 5:11 am
by davehoos
deisel not sold here in oz and the petrol engine is a popular forklift engine.being similar to popular BMC engines these are around.when the engine died it would have been fitted with a cheep jap import or a small GM-holden 6.the killer for these are rust.

no monsoon rain here an all my memory is these are hot as hell with the heat from the engine coming through the floor.probaly due to the low power attempting to get up to heater needed here or had to be fitted untill late 70's.with the 12:1 first gear these scream of the mark..they are driven by a generation of drivers that would steer with legs and use both hands to swap spliter gearboxes.

most trucks here in oz in the 70's started to loose the opening windscreen or the big pop up vent on the bonnet.replaced with heaters and under dash a/ locally built replaced these followed by
by the better mazda T series and toyota dyna.

Posted: Thu Aug 15, 2013 11:33 am
by BA
Greetings from Finland!

And thanks from this awesome post and brochure pics, it was very helpful with our Echo.

Yes, we have bought few weeks ago for Nissan Club of Finland a Nissan Echo, GHQLC240, 1969.

Car have been given to Finnish Datsun-importer Aro Yhtymä Oy as a gift by Nissan Motor Company in 1969. Aro used Echo to their own purposes, and after that history is quite blurred.
Echo was never officially imported to Finland, neither any of these heavy Nissans. So it is only one over here.
I think she it feels herself quite lonely? :D

So, I'm asking;
Do you have somewhere the capacity of rear differential oil, or can you maybe check it somewhere?
It would be very helpful information. Capacity will probably be same as SD22 Caball C240 -series diff.

Pic of our baby:


Nissan Club of Finland:

Posted: Sat Aug 17, 2013 9:17 am
by asavage
The Caball is a lot smaller than your Echo.

Nissan has manufactured quite a variety of light- and medium-duty trucks over the years, and it's surprising how few parts interchange. For example, just in the automotive lines, the Sentra has the CD17 engine, the Maxima/910 series has the LD28, the 720 pickups the SD, and almost no parts interchange between the engines.

The picture of your Echo reminds me of the Nissan UD line, rather than the Caball. It looks as if it's a bit smaller than

Not surprisingly, there are no parts shared between the C240 and the URL-690. The diff is a lot larger, too.

Posted: Sat Aug 17, 2013 6:03 pm
by BA
Yes, Caball is lot shorter, and little bit narrower than Echo. But they are based on same chassis and technic, and they are same C240 series. Only body is much larger in Echo, everything else is same.
Echo is 5710mm long overall, when Caball is only 4690mm. Wheel base is same on both, so is tread on front and rear.
Distance between rear wheels and rear bumper on Echo is over two meters, it makes many times reversing almost impossible if you have to turn.

Echo is lot smaller than it looks in picture. It has nothing to do with those "real" buses by Nissan Diesel.
"GC240 Micro Bus Echo" is also mentioned on Caball C240 Parts Catalog, but on parts catalog theres no fluid capacities.

Parts Catalog is on pdf, it takes about 30mb. If there is some easy way to share it I can send it. Its partly in Japanese, i cant understand it completely.