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Post by TooManyIdeas » 13 years ago

You know when I moved to New Mexico from PA, I thought my days of worrying about sudden blizzard conditions would be over. WRONG. I don't know if this is god telling us the world is about to end or what, but I've seen more snow this year than I have in a decade in PA. What’s even worse, People in New Mexico have absolutely no idea how to drive in it. At least in PA the weatherman would be like "Heads up we are going to get an 1 1/2 of snow tonight so plan accordingly," Here its like "Holy shit, we're gonna get some light flurries today kiss your wife and children cause we're all going to freaking die!!!!!". You guys having the same kind of weather anomalies?
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Post by glenlloyd » 13 years ago

I live in Des Moines IA, snow is a fact of life here although people do forget how to drive in it. Wrecks are frequent in the initial stages of any snowfall, and people just plain drive stupid.

For IA the problem is that quite often a good dumping of snow is followed quickly by a temperature drop. We got about 6" of snow a few days ago, temps around 30 F, and now the temp has dropped down to 9 degrees F. Temps are going even lower tonight and tomorrow although it looks much better by Saturday and especially the following Monday.

Everything has gotten very crispy, even the salted stuff, and I think the block heater in the Golf has died. It started today but it complained about it.

Snow / Ice (and the brine solution they use to deal with it) and low temps are two of the biggest reasons I would consider relocating.

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Post by kassim503 » 13 years ago

I have noticed that snow seems to be- and always has been exxagerated on long island.

Just this morning we got "battered" with 2-3 inches of snow, and when i turn on the morning news they have intense storm watch coverage. What storm? I can still see the lawn in my backyard!

Long Island has a exceptionally high population of Guidos, along with the NYC/NJ area, they all drive too fast for dry pavement, so there are wrecks left and right, and some of them are funny- cars stuck in the median, etc. Its a good laugh on the way to work.

But yea, on long island- snow is exxagerated, but some people ignore it, so their cars become horribly deformed and it becomes entertainment for me when i drive around.

Also when people do donuts in parking lots- they cant friggin understand that cars parked there can be hit- thats why there is a dent on my drivers side fender, people cant understand donuts are for open fields of pavement, not crowded parking lots :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
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