how much do you tow with your Maxi?

General information about the first-generation Nissan Maxima in the US. What was the Datsun 810 became the luxury leader Maxima in the US in 1981.

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Post by kassim503 » 12 years ago

HowlerMonkey wrote: The only trouble is that you can easily run the car fast enough in overdrive at part throttle that tipping in to the kickdown switch will cause it to go to 3rd which causes your tranny to push the engine to 7k rpms.
I had a feeling it did that, I just never bothered to figure it out and find out the hard way.
odie wrote:The temps never got over half the gauge under any conditions.
Congrats, the 3 row made a difference!

I have the 2 row after market, and its tiny. I havnt challenged my car after installing it, ill see once summertime comes around. Whered you get the 3 row? If I run into problems once it gets hot out, ill be forced to get a bigger rad.
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Post by asavage » 12 years ago

Kassim, what about that shiny "racing" radiator you were using :wink:

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Post by kassim503 » 12 years ago

It started leaking from the core, and I decided on going solid OEM, nothings better than OEM

Now the radiator is doing its part mated to a Chrysler slant six that im using to build a go kart.

Repaired it by rolling the fins with a needle nose plier, it has mabye the equivalent of 10k miles on it, dosent leak a drop!
'83 maxima sedan, l24e, a/t, black

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Post by odie » 12 years ago

I got the 3 core from some guy who sold me a spare IP on ebay. He was getting out of the Maxi world and had some other spare stuff lying around he offered me for a few bucks.

Turns out to be a good buy. Someone had dumped a 2-core rad into the car for whatever reason. I bought the car from the original owner (the title was still dated 1983 from the dealer).

I'm guessing the origianl radiator blew or leaked and the 3 core was NLA.
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Post by 1982810maximadiesel » 11 years ago

I have towed many times Maybee a total of 70k miles on my 300k Maxima

Datsun 510 Toronto to miami
Nissan Maxima PA to Miami
Mercedes 300sd Diesel Buffulo to Miami
Datsun 280zx turbo 9 times Tampa to Miami
Nissan MAxima Kentucky to Miami
And many more

Believe it or not I have towed including trailer weight through the mountains with excellent power and torqure out of my 5 speed diesel Maxima over 6000lb I have pics and video to prove...

At 270k transmission required bearings and brakes rotors warp very quickly other then that a perfect 10

High flow intake Eliminated Egr and all related parts and airbox
2.5 inch straight back exhaust with a silencer and greddy exhaust mandrel bent.
Clean intake manifold
5 speed transmission
Injection pump is tuned with extra fuel with only visible black smoke when floored changing gears.
This vehicle runs on synthetic 5w4o Mobil 1 delvac turbo diesel truck

Suspension only requires new srings in the rear to eliminate squat.

One more thing the tow ball is only rated for 1,500 lbs :mrgreen:

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