Extended Storage Switch

General information about the first-generation Nissan Maxima in the US. What was the Datsun 810 became the luxury leader Maxima in the US in 1981.

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Extended Storage Switch


Post by vicmason » 11 years ago

I could only find one reference to the Extended Storage Switch in the forum, and it does not really explain what it is. My problem is this: My '83 Maxima's car battery went dead, and the alternator tests fine. We thought there might be an accessory left on, but when we tested this theory by placing a continuity tester between the negative terminal of the battery and the disconnected cable, it showed that nothing was on.

However, last night I noticed that the dome light was on even with the doors closed. Trying to turn it off manually by tapping the light did not turn it off immediately but eventually it went out. When I came out to the car this morning the dome light was on again! This seems to indicate an intermittent short? I thought I would try to disable the light by pulling its fuse. Unfortunately, neither the owner's manual nor the fuse board seems to indicate what fuse is for what accessory. So my first question is -- where can I find a schematic of the fuse arrangement?

Then, I saw a little white switch that was labelled "on" and "off." When I flipped this to "off" the dome light went out. Now my clock is also fading away to nothing, blinkly faintly.

So, what is this extended storage switch, and what is its purpose? And, why is my dome light misbehaving and how can I fix it?

Thanks a million!
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Post by rlaggren » 11 years ago

Haven't dealt with this in the Max. Generic theory is that many modern cars have a relatively large "parasitic" load on the battery even when all is shut off. Things like clock, radio, alarm, computer(s). It's enough to drain a battery after about a week or so (sometimes less) so some brands include a "storage switch" which disconnects most or all of the little leeches so you they don't drain the battery. There are different ways to do this so the exact wiring and circuits used depend on the make/model.

> dome light...

I had this problem and it had a more prosaic solution - make sure all the doors are actually closed fully. Then make sure you don't have the dome light switch set to the "on regardless" position. If that doesn't turn it off, then start wiggling and checking your door switches and dome switch. I think the gate may also have a switch.

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