Freeze Plug Quit

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Freeze Plug Quit


Post by fergie » 10 years ago

I need an FSM, can anybody help - out a fellow who's down on his luck ?
A freeze plug, right next to the IP started bleeding out. So I'll need the FSM for reference in replacing said plug. Also, PEP BOYS said there are 3 different sizes of "SAID PLUG" Any help is welcomed.
Thanks Guys
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Post by Carimbo » 10 years ago

Casting plug R/R probably not covered in FSM anyway. Nothing here specialized or specific to the LD28. There are a few common methods, mostly depending on access. Behind the IP might be pretty tight access.

Try a screwdriver along the inner edge of the circle, hit w/ a hammer to try to get the plug to turn over in its hole (like a butterfly valve opening). Then pull/lever it out w/ pliers. Often, the plug gets mangled, but the cast iron block is much stronger.

Then measure the hole to determine the correct replacement. What is the material of the Pep Boys replacement?

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