The maxima gets mudflaps

General information about the first-generation Nissan Maxima in the US. What was the Datsun 810 became the luxury leader Maxima in the US in 1981.

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The maxima gets mudflaps


Post by kassim503 » 14 years ago

I got tired of being all gentle if im in sand or on top of dirt in fear of cutting the paint on the rear quarter or on the bottom of the rockers, so I made a set of mudflaps.

It was pretty easy and fun to do, and now my rockers wont get all cut up, like before highway dirt getting kicked up took the paint off the bottom of the rockers completely and damaged it in some other places.

The entire "build" cost me about 13 bucks, 5 for hardware, and 7.75 for the mudflap.

What I did was I got a big mudflap for dump trucks from napa- 7.75, then I got some hardware at the big box hardware store, 5 bucks or so. Got home, and made a template or a duplicate or whatever out of a cardboard box, its smarter cutting up the cardboard instead of the rubber in case something didnt fit, worked with that until I found a suitable position and marked off where the mounting holes would be. I used the holes where the chrome trim used to be, so im not too sure if this would work with the years without the chrome trim. They came out pretty good and didnt look as bad as I expected, and their functionality is unbeliable.

Got some pics below- click for larger, dont want to take up too much space

This is how it was before, the black maaco got taken off and the original grey shows through, also on the very bottom I have a bit of rust.

Thats the mudflap before I cut it up

How it is after the rear tires where done

I had to cut a curve in the front to avoid hitting the wheel, dont want that getting torn off when im in reverse or something
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