rust on rocker panels?

General information about the first-generation Nissan Maxima in the US. What was the Datsun 810 became the luxury leader Maxima in the US in 1981.

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rust on rocker panels?


Post by kassim503 » 14 years ago

has anybody noticed that the 80-84 maximas seem to rust out on the rocker panel below the rear doors, and right above the jack point? does anybody know why this happens?

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Rocker Panel


Post by Dr. Jones » 14 years ago

I noticed mine did it but I didn't know they all did it, actually I have one the has rust other places but not on the rocker panel. Another thing that mine do (sedans) is rust at the weld over the trunk(both sides where it connects to rear fender) and allow water to seep into the trunk. I use a caulking called LEXEL mfg. by the Sashco Corp. It dries clear, actually clear its elastomeric and has a good temp range you just need to be sure to clean the area with minerals spirits or something first and I believe the caulk will outlast the car.
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Post by glenlloyd » 14 years ago

This vintage seems to have had body integrity issues, a lot of them. I have noticed the rocker rust, not on my own car, because the first owner kept it garaged all the time, so it's only been outside all the time for about 13k miles.

The rockers appear to be vulnerable because these cars didn't come to the states with a lot of undercoating like we see with later models. My rockers have some peeling but that's all. What I do see is the joint problems, like at the apex of the rear wheel opening, where the two panels are welded...on wagon at least, that's where I have small rust spots.

Take a casual look under your car, or inside the front fender well, there's really nothing in there that looks like protection if you ask me. If your car is in good shape underneath I would consider having it undercoated for protection.

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