everything has stopped!

SD diesels were widely available in the US in the 1981-86 Datsun/Nissan 720 pickups, and in Canada through '87 in the D21 pickup.

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everything has stopped!


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Hello again Chaps,
Like Plenzen I have those as well, Five of the little and Large Buggers, Now, next question if I may, do any of these have the control over my Ignition Switch, You see I have removed my Battery and Starter and had these tested and both are Perfect, or as near too as any other man made Item in this "Vale of Tears", I have even relaid my homemade Wiring Circuit that has worked
perfectly for me for the last three Months, and confidently turned my Key to start her up, Only to hear my Tears as they hit the Dashboard and nothing more, I have no Dashlights, Taillights,
Headlight, Horn, Brakelights nor Indicators as well, only a clear sound of Silence!

In Australia here, it will require a Bankloan to purchase one of these little "Nissan Ignition switches", so I am looking at a single Gate on/off switch and a press/button like they have just invented for most new cars, you know, like the ones they had fitted back in 1958 to the latest "Holden HJ", they had a Key and a Button, now where do I fit this lot, this reminds me of my first Ship,
a Corvette, "HMAS Castlemaine", Steam Powered with a "Massive Diesel Auxilary running our Shore Genset", which my first Order was to fire her up, and being a Second Year Apprentice
Engineer, I was not going to need any help from our "Engineering Officer", and searched the Flat for the Key in every Locker and corner I could find, and a First Year apprentice entered the Diesel Flat and showed me a Valve, then turned it open and It started with a scream of compressed Air, "no Keys", since then I have never been afraid to ask directions in my ignorance!

best Regards, and thanks for your intructions,

highway man!
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Re: everything has stopped!


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One of the first things I check when i used to get an 'everything has stopped and nothing works' problem is to check ALL my battery cable connections AND the places they attach to. A tight connector doesn't mean a good connection; check each and every one without fail! Assume NOTHING! You must make sure that you also have a good engine to frame ground. After checking that, I would check for output from all the fusible links and mains fuses... After that.... well, this is where having 45 years experience is needed to solve a problem quickly and efficiently...

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