1981 diesel Datsun 810 with grease car convert

Buy it, sell it, negotiate, haggle, drag it out from under the workbench or behind the garage and make it someone else's problem!

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1981 diesel Datsun 810 with grease car convert


Post by Oregonbrownie » 8 years ago

I bought this car 4 years ago and loved it very much but over the past years my kids have gotten bigger and I have an 86lb dog. We need a bigger ride and so I must part with the car.
I plan to make an official post with photos on Craigslist very soon but thought I would post here first.
About the car.
Silver/grey paint
4 door sedan style
Power windows
Lady's voice says "please turn off the lights" if you forget or just want to entertain your friends.
Runs well although it does leak fluids. I just check frequently and I am good to go.
Mileage is a guess. When I bought it the engine had been replaced and so my guess is around 100k on the engine and around 260k on the actual car.
Body is great, no dents.
Grease car kit is installed and tank for veggie oil is in the trunk.
CD player
Oh, and his name is Fry Guy
Asking 2,900
I can email photos if you want. I am in Eugene OR

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