eBay: LD20II-T in FL, $1500

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eBay: LD20II-T in FL, $1500


Post by asavage » 13 years ago

This is the never-in-the-US LD20II-T: belt-drive camshaft, Four cylinder, factory turbo.

Auction 120017746821, ends Aug-14-06 09:16:15 PDT

Image Image Image Image

Note that I do not recommend buying from this eBay seller (exportintl). If you actually read through his feedback comments, paying attn to the ones from Buyers only, you'll see the four "Mutually Withdrawn" feedbacks (comments still intact), and neutrals too. It's clear to me that buying from him is a real coin-toss as to what condition the engine will be in when it reaches you. I doubt that he runs them at all before he ships them.
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Post by EvergreenSD » 13 years ago

Check out this thread for an Export Intl horror story:

http://www.toyotadiesel.com/forums/show ... xport+intl

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