SD22 air conditioning add on?

Dealing with all subsystems specific to the diesel powered Datsun-Nissan 720 pickup trucks.

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SD22 air conditioning add on?


Post by olderthanme »

HAs anybody put Air conditioning on to an SD engine? I'm in the middle of building my truck from the frame up and want to add air onto my build.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Post by michael3006 »

I hope you find a way.
I would love aircon in my 720.
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Post by justanother54321 »

I have and ac in mine (stock). I've never used it as it needed a recharge but it seems to spin fine.

Let me know if you are interested and I am sure we can work something out.
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Post by Cmdr.Ron »

My '82 has it - stock.
I've seen many photos of SD22-mounted A/C. They all look the same.

FSM accurately shows most parts & locations.
I had to pull the heater to replace 37 year old gaskets on the divert it flap to stop cold air poring into the cab. :shock: That also helped with summer heat.
Massive A/C compressor mounts massively interfere with maintenance. Boo-hoo.
I'll flush it and replace all the hoses and seals one day so it works again - after I have the Injector Pump repaired. Priorities.

You want photos of it? I'll shoot some & post 'em on this thread.
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Re: SD22 air conditioning add on?


Post by scottfelsen »

I would love to see photos of it. I live in Hell,,,, I mean Georgia. Its 97 million degrees here!!! I need AC badly!!!
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