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Posted: Thu Sep 22, 2011 9:32 pm
by Gubernaculum
Dr. Jones.
• How did your transmission rebuild go?
• What parts did you replace?
• Did you encounter any problems?
• Any special tools?
• Did it reduce your hot/neutral clatter?

I have an 81 standard cab with 94k miles and it is starting to make the hot/neutral clatter noise so I hope to stop the problem before it gets any worse! My biggest problem is I don’t have a FSM so I must rely on all the above posts.
Thanks. :D

Posted: Thu Sep 29, 2011 12:29 pm
by Dr. Jones
I'm actually just getting around to putting it back together now. If you haven't done one before the fs5w71x is to bad of one to start on. Have a FSM will make it a lot easier. I'll write more later tonight.

Posted: Thu Sep 29, 2011 7:53 pm
by Dr. Jones
I'm sorry last post should say "not to bad of a place to start".


Breaking oil gutter
Torsional dampener
Someone else posted this but it is worth restating, Reverse idler snap rings
Make sure you assembly all synchros on bench before placing on shaft particularly OD synchros
I wouldn't do a rebuild without access to a press (the more the better) and if you need the FSM section for the MT I would be willing to scan it for you and send you the pdf.

I have taken some pictures and plan on finishing it up Saturday if there is time Saturday I will post the pictures and do a write up.

Best of Luck,

Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2012 1:02 pm
by hugh_h
hi everybody it's my first post in this forum,
is it possible that here it is the only one place on the web that you discuss fs5 in-depth? I'm came across this forum searching for info about brgs for this tranny, I'm exactly interested which brgs are C3.
OK I found at the first page that there are two of them in this transmission, however I'm confused because after disassembly of mine fs5w71 I got only one C3 and on the mainshaft instead of shown two. Transmission look like nobody had touched the brgs in the plate.
as my car is d21 from 97, is it possible that something changed along the time? or maybe there should be one more C3 or maybe less likely just only one on mainshaft without those on countershaft ?

any ideas ?

you may see some work I've done to my car along with the trany removal and disassembly so far on my home page ... index.html
if it's hard to understand me it's because English is not my native language .. sorry for errors ..

Posted: Thu Nov 07, 2013 9:12 am
by charmalu
About 3 weeks ago I pick up from the original owner a 83 Nissan Long bed with the SD-25 engine. 134,600 miles. :>)) not in too bad of shape, but going through everything to get a base line.

Found a Mouse Condo under the Pass seat, so pulled the seats and carpet and Shampooed everything with a Bissell Little green machine. then pull the drain plugs and hosed and scrubbed the inside.
Smells better, but a Dryier sheet or maybe one of those French Floosies riding with me will make it smell better. ;>))

Well I have the typical front Bearing/s complaining, making the exact same sort of sound my 82 KC was making this Spring. pulled it`s engine/trans and replace the two front bearings and the two rear input and Counter shaft bearings. Second time for this truck in 478K miles.

I ordered the bearings from CARQUEST, but can only source Chicom bearings, and the front Counter Shaft bearing 63/22x C3 they couldn`t cross reference. so this one was a dealer ordered item. $42. :>((
The other 3 from CARQUEST was $87.

Doing some online searching, found a web site they have the Nachi Japanese Bearings. the two Main shaft snap ring one and the two rear bearings with shipping was $33.

Last night and this morning doing some searching on their site for the 62/22x c3 only showed it in a sealed bearing, Kit# 14932 for $23.77.

Did some Googling and E-Bay lists various brands, and some very pricy, but only show the box and not the bearing, so didn`t know if it was a sealed or open bearing.

This morning back on did some live chat with them. the Girl did some looking around, and they located some in another one of their wearhouses for the same price as the sealed bearing. they now have them listed on their web site under KIT #19212.

I ordered kit# 19212 front Counter Shaft and Kit# 9951, front Main Shaft snap ring bearing.

It was mentioned that the sealed cover could be removed and it would work, the bearing is packed with grease, but guess it could be washed out so the trans oil could lube it. shouldn`t hurt the bearing.


Kit19212 63/22X Nachi Bearing 22x56x16 Open C3 Ball Bearings
63/22X Nachi Bearing 22x56x16 Open C3 Ball Bearings

Kit9951 [BO] 6306NR Nachi Bearing Open C3 Snap Ring Japan 30x72x19 Bearings


Shipping: 3-7 Days Shipping USA Only: $9.19

Sales Tax: $3.46

Total: $55.91


I should have these in a few days, and if the rain that is just over the Horizon holds out a little longer, Iam going for it.

Hope this helps someone.

I highly recommend this place for the Nachi Bearings for our Datsun/Nissan Transmissions. Seems the market is being flooded with these Chicom Bearings (China) and other C.R.A.P Chinese Replacement Auto Parts. :>((


Posted: Thu Nov 21, 2013 6:07 am
by plenzen
Could you post a few pics of the pieces when you get them please


Posted: Fri Nov 22, 2013 12:49 am
by charmalu
I don`t know how to post Pic on the forum, but here is a link to VXB, this shows the main shaft bearing.

This is the counter shaft bearing, but they only show the box.:>/

This is just a representation of what the above countershaft bearing looks like. This is not one for our transmissions.

I finally got the eng/trans out of the 83 today, and have the gears out of the case. tomorrow morning Iam heading to the machine shop and having the new bearing R&R`d.

I have a new Exedy Disk and pressure Plate, a Koyo throw out bearing and Pilot Bushing. All Japanese parts. :>)
Hope to have this together by Monday.

Someone sure was rough on the reverse gear, has some chipped teeth. :>(

Plenzen, I see you are in Canada, this is the distributor up there.


Thin metal bits in transmission

Posted: Thu Nov 28, 2013 8:46 pm
by niseamer
asavage wrote:Image Image

Looking over the exploded view, I don't see anything other than the brgs' ball spacer pieces that could be that thin. And because we know that that's the weak area in this trans . . .
I have an 198 D21 with an SD25.
I suspect these are bits from the oil guide tube that takes oil from the gear splash and drains it backwards to the hind end of the transmission. It is a light metal gutter running alongside the inside of the tranny.
Mine had the same and when I took it apart, this gutter was I am not sure, but there was a mess of distorted gears and one bent syncro in there. The transmission had been rebuilt in Port Alberni (B&A transmsission and they didn't put the bung back in or do up the bolts holding the tranny to the engine (2 weren't even there!). Oil leaked out and it jammed in third gear in the home in 3rd though.

I now have a transmission from a '95 in there with a newer SD25...testing tomorrow.


Posted: Tue Dec 10, 2013 9:17 pm
by charmalu
I found this series of videos of taking the FS5W71B 5-spd transmission apart. No sound, but interesting.

Think these are in the right order.


Posted: Wed Dec 18, 2013 5:00 am
by sfreeman912
Hey fellows great site lots of helpfull info maybe mine will help. Idid a 86 720 gas to sd22 swap about 2 years ago . the input shaft bearing was shot and it wolled out the bellhousing. So I took the diesel bellhousing to my bubby at the machine shop he bored it to run the bigger gas bearing maybe this will help someone

Posted: Wed Dec 18, 2013 8:53 am
by charmalu
Did you have the Diesel Steel front cover machined out for the larger bearing, or use the Gasser front Aluminum cover?


Posted: Thu Dec 19, 2013 12:06 am
by waynosworld
charmalu wrote:Did you have the Diesel Steel front cover machined out for the larger bearing, or use the Gasser front Aluminum cover?

This is a good question, half the time the lower cluster gear bearing self destructs, the front cover gets destroyed also, so what can one do but use the aluminum gasser cover.
I heard that maybe some of the earlier Z cars had steel covers, but I have not pulled an early one apart at a wrecking yard to find out.

Posted: Thu Dec 19, 2013 9:49 am
by sfreeman912
Yes I used the gasser cover

Re: SD2x transmission issues: FS5W71x series of 5-spds

Posted: Sun Mar 27, 2016 12:54 pm
by ecomike
Greetings. Been a while since I posted here due in part to my very near death illness the last 2 years (HI Al!!!)....long story, share it later. I still have my Franken-Jeep Cherokee, 1985 with the SD-22 power train transplant. But with my sever rheumatoid arthritis now I can barely operate the clutch. As I recall when I rebuilt the 5 speed myself about 10 years ago, I used an aftermarket extra heavy duty clutch. I am wondering if others here have noticed having a hard time pushing the foot pedal on standard duty Nissan clutches? I am thinking of going back to the OEM clutch plate??? My only other option, which may not be an option(??) is to install a custom vacuum boosted power clutch master cylinder if I can one to adapt to a 85 jeep cherokee???

By the way, the engine still runs and starts like a new beast!!!! Everything on this jeep still works :-)

Re: SD2x transmission issues: FS5W71x series of 5-spds

Posted: Sun Mar 27, 2016 1:00 pm
by asavage
ISTR that the OEM clutch is pretty light, what with being hydraulically actuated and all. But, for me, it's been a long while since I drove one.