problem bleeding sd33 fuel

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problem bleeding sd33 fuel


Post by dubmess » 7 years ago


hello, recently bought a landrover with an sd33 engine and box out of a rusted through patrol fitted. she was driving great but hard to start, after a bit of research i found the most obvious conclusion was shot glow plugs so i decided to take one out to find out which ones i needed as i wasnt sure whether i was running 12 or 24v due to the changeover.. i stupidly cracked open an injection nozzle (one nearest the radiator) and i havent been able to start the engine since, not even with a tow. i figured this must be due to an air lock so i bled the injector using the pump and valve technique described in the maintenance manual but still wouldnt start, so i loosened the lines at the nozzle end and turned the engine over until fuel comes through, problem is it hasn't. i've bled the injector pump half a dozen times but still cant get a drop out at the nozzle end of the lines.. any suggestions?

keep in mind the engine was running great besides the typical startup problems up until a few days ago when i loosened the nozzle nearest the radiator.


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Post by Nissan_Ranger » 7 years ago

I'm not being smart-assed with this, but I do need to ask: Is there fuel in the tank?
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Post by plenzen » 7 years ago

It almost sounds like you have a loose wire on the fuel shut down solenoid on the fuel pump, or that it's failed. Check to see that you are getting current to that little device.
If it's not equipped with one of those then check that the lever that is used for shut down is in fact in the run position.
These engines have a self bleeding system and a cracked line at an injector should only cause a rough idle on that cylinder for a few seconds until the air is purged.
Follow the fuel supply backwards from the pump and see where the fuel begins.

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