Questions about Chrysler Nissan Marine Diesels, marinization

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Questions about Chrysler Nissan Marine Diesels, marinization


Post by patrolier » 5 years ago

Hi from Europe!

My name is Max and i´m new here in the Forum.

After hard search in the Net, i have found this page in the U.S., awesome :)

In 2006 i was an owner for one year of a Patrol K160 with the SD 3,3 L Diesel Machine, it was a great, reliable motor!

Now it´s time to change my broken Mercedes Benz OM617 to a Chrysler Marine Diesel. Now i have a few questions:

- Are ALL Parts from the Pickup-Motor convertible to the Marine Motor? From the outside it looks like all same… Used Car Parts are not the problem to find here in Europe, but no chance what concernes marinization parts.
- Where there any important, technical changes as far as the end of - i think - 1988?
- The K160 3,3L SD needed two batteries to start (24 V), is it possible to hang it on one battery, when yes, which modification it needs?
- Which is the ideal compression? This test is a must before i buy the motor.
- Which brand is a good compression tester for diesels?
- Does anyone have any suppliers of marinization parts in US and Canada?

I would be deeply grateful for any Information!


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Re: Questions about Chrysler Nissan Marine Diesels, mariniza


Post by plenzen » 5 years ago

The marinized 633 was quite simply a truck motor that had the manifolds changed on it. In some cases a Motorola alternator was hung on them but other than external oil/water cooler and perhaps a different external panel for holding the GP relay etc. that was it.
Some of them had different pulleys installed on the front of the engine, but in 90% of the cases they were bolted to the OE pulley.
Fuel pumps were adjusted to a max RPM but I am not sure what that was. ( 4700 rpm I think but cant recall exactly it was 40 yrs ago ).

I would suspect that compression around the 420-430 psi mark would be right but will have to look it up in my SD25 manual. ( they will be essentially the same ).

As for mounting the automotive parts from your patrol onto this motor.
Some of the blank casting slugs may not have been drilled and tapped to accommodate some of these accessories. I would bet they are all there however and can be drilled and tapped by you if need be.

The patrol starter should bolt on and bring you back to 12V system. Remove one of the glow plugs on the 633 and see if they are 12V. ( which i think they will be ) .

Snap on makes a good compression tester and they have a glow plug hole adapter that you can check the compression through.
There may however, be a conflict with the fuel pump with this adapter in getting it to go in.
I believe that Al ( forum administrator asavage) adapted/modified one such piece and he may be able to send you a photo of what he did to it to make it work.
He is not on here very often so perhaps a PM to him to send you photo may be in order.
In fact..........I think there is a photo of it on here someplace as well. You can use the search function to try and find it.
I think that the SD22 compression numbers on here too. The SD22 is a 633 with 2 cylinders missing.




Here is the link to the compression tester that Al ( asavage ) has.
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