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blowby test


Post by mikeptag » 4 years ago

I am looking at a 78 Scout diesel, non turbo SD33, and I have a question about checking the engine condition. I know the mercedes OM617 diesels you can take off the oil fill cap and check blowby, if theres lots of smoke or oil spitting, and the second test: resting the cap over the opening and if it is able to sit on it without flying off its ok. Just wondering if I could do the same tests on the SD33? And is there any other simple tests? Im going to be flying to another state to buy it, and the owner has agreed to do any simple tests I tell them. Any input or suggestions welcome.

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Re: blowby test


Post by plenzen » 4 years ago

Yes you can do that blow by test on it as well, but a better test would be to try and start it when it's cold.
Not just sitting for a couple hours after running, but a good overnight cold soak and see if it wants to start.
I would impart that request to the present owner that you want to start it from cold and put your hand on the block when you get there to see that it has not been running.

Short of doing a compression test through one of the glow plug holes those are about all you can do really.
Snap on makes a compression tester that works in that way.
You can search this forum under 33 series or the SD 22 engines for the compression numbers.
They will be the same for both.

I believe our main administrator/moderator Al Savage used to have one that he would lend out, with a deposit of course, and, you may want to reach out to him to see if he still has it and still lends it.

A PM to him would work best for that inquiry as he does not get on here too often.

Not sure where you are located but Al is in Washington State.
Good luck and let us know how you make out.

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