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Nissan's Xtronic Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVTs)

Posted: Mon Jan 23, 2017 7:03 pm
by asavage
I had to rent a "full size" car in LA last week (never -- NEVER -- rent from Thifty!).

I got a 2016 Altima. It has 9k miles on it.

I had rented a 2012 Altima a few years ago, and noted that it had a very good CVT.

This 2016 has a newer version, Xtronic, and it really impressed me. Cruise on LA freeways at 70+ at 1400 RPM. Accelerate smartly from a stop and never go above 2000 RPM. Nice!

I'm less impressed with the engine's NVH; it was fairly buzzy. But that transmission is a jewel. It even mimics "shifting" when you do a full-throttle launch: the revs rise way up, then suddenly drop 1000 RPM, mimicing a shift, even though it's a CVT. And very smooth, of course.

Learn more about it: ... ansmission

Re: Nissan's Xtronic Continuously Variable Transmissions (CV

Posted: Sun Jan 29, 2017 9:32 pm
by Carimbo
asavage wrote:(never -- NEVER -- rent from Thifty!).
Guessing that Thrifty forced you to "upgrade" to the full-size car against your preference?

Re: Nissan's Xtronic Continuously Variable Transmissions (CV

Posted: Fri Feb 10, 2017 2:35 pm
by asavage
No, I reserved a full-size car all right (who thinks an Altima qualifies as FS, though?).

Two things:
* I had to extend my stay in LA for two more days. I had to use a different credit card for this extension, because I'd blown out my other two cards paying for an $11k funeral, which I wasn't expecting. Thrifty will NOT do this over the phone. I was REQUIRED to drive back to either LAX or Burbank airports and do this in person. A franchise Thrifty location much nearer was NOT able to handle this, even in person. Wasted HOURS.

* Various fees made what looked to be a $190 rental actually turn out to be nearer $1000. It's all legal.


I'm going back in two days, and I'm trying Avis this time. I hope I get an Altima again, I liked it well enough.

(A Taurus or whatever they call it these days was my 2015 rental, and those damned turn signals!)