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New member questions re: RD28 engines/conversions

Posted: Wed Dec 03, 2008 11:11 am
by fireplaceguy
Hi, everybody! Nice place you have here - very congenial and helpful...

A friend left town and I acquired his low-mileage JDM RD28 engine. Shortly after he bought it, his wife discovered cancer and has since passed. He never touched the project again and the engine is still strapped to the pallet it arrived on. I'm tempted to find a Z chassis and build a car but between current projects and economic worries I'm on the fence and may just sell it. I have three questions:

1) Is the RD28 identical to LD28 bellhousing and mount patterns (as in a Z-car conversion)?

2) I've read pro's and cons but overall it sounds like a real performance improvement over the LD28. Timing belts need to be replaced CAREFULLY but I can do that. Sounds like you don't want to overheat it either. Any other known issues or is it a reliable engine?

3) What's the engine worth? (There's currently one on e-bay from the same place for $1675 but it has a 2WD auto trans behind it.) I have the complete engine with all accessories and a flex plate - no trans. What's a fair price?

Regardless of my decision, I'll stick around here - after putting a Cummins 4bt in my work truck I have mechanical diesel fever! It won't be too long before I do something for a passenger car too! Thanks for the help.

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2008 3:27 am
by davehoos
this is of the RB petrol series.
RB20-RB30 pertol bell housing can be used to adapt.

the engine is of a similar shape to LD28 but lay at the same angle but to the left.

two auto trans,flex plate is not common for both trans.

Re: New member questions re: RD28 engines/conversions

Posted: Thu Jun 19, 2014 9:37 am
by jase
if you are looking to drop a mechanical diesel in steer clear of the rd28.
they are from the same family as the L series but reliability wise the L series are far superior,
not to mention the z car platform came with L series engines so the swap would be a bolt in proposition,
the petrol flywheel will need to be used with diesel engine in most cases to get the clutch/trans to line up.

SELL it as soon as you can!!!
they're treacherous soft headed, blown head gasket engines :evil: