HELP :( TD27 turbo puking oil out exhaust side of turbo

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HELP :( TD27 turbo puking oil out exhaust side of turbo


Post by jiggseob » 8 years ago

TD27 in a Terrano.

Exhaust manifold has light coat of carbon at exhaust ports. Exhaust downstream of turbo is totally oil-puked. Seal is quite obviously toast.

Sometimes, thats an indication that bearings in turbo are too wobbly, which takes out seal. Replacing seal alone would probably be futility.

About 1 qt of oil per 300 miles going out the tailpipe.

Does anyone have any idea if seal-bearing kit thing is a possibility or does anyone know where to buy a replacement turbo or overhaul kit? Is there another donor application that can provide a replacement turbo?



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Post by plenzen » 8 years ago

Try these guys

Not sure where in Alta you are but they have shops in Edmonton and Calgary.


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