i have 1997 nissan patrol with a rd28 engine problem

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i have 1997 nissan patrol with a rd28 engine problem


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ive a problem with my rd28 engine i rev it up 2500rpm and it loses power and burns alot of fuel .ive had the fuel pump repaired twice replaced fuel line and washer and more .thay checked turbo works fine .the waste gate opens and shuts .compresson test is fine .checked oil pressure it fine .that pulled of cam shaft and tapits no cracks or broken springs .got ideas
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1997 patrol.GU?
has it got the older engine with the throttle cable--or later GU with flybywire.

early models look for turbo boost presure-exhaust restriction as turbo often fail.then if you had the pump checked--did you check the injectors as they are not long life.

fly by wire has a computor with a air flow meter.
if it fails the engine will be in limp mode above 2500 RPM.
if any imputs fail it can cause alsorts but the system is easy to fix whith a consult scaner required.
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