CN-6-33 Marine engine injection pump problem?

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CN-6-33 Marine engine injection pump problem?


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Hi there guys,

I recently purchased a sailboat, that had been sitting for 7 years, it was a great deal and I wasn't expecting the engine to even run, but to my surprise after changing oil, filters etc, and bleeding the fuel system, it fired right up... it sounded quite rough and I had no throttle control so I shut it down right away.

I quickly found that 2 of the pumps inside the injection pump were stuck in the up position and not moving.

I have since freed them up and they are now moving as they should..

My questions are,

A) could this have caused the lack of throttle control? and the very high idle?

b) is anyone familar with the injector pump on these engines, it is a diesel kiki, and the shutdown lever had no effect when the engine took off, Im not sure if this was due to the plungers in the pump being stuck or if the mechanism isnt working correctly inside the pump..

c) is there anywhere I can find a detailed diagram of this injection pump so I can understand how both the throttle and the shutdown mechanism are supposed to connect and work.

thanks for any information.
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