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Just got a clean running 1985 Sentra Diesel. any good mods?

Posted: Sun Aug 12, 2012 12:35 pm
by williamsven
I live in San Antonio.

I just picked up a very clean 1985 Sentra Diesel, Same owner past 16 years, it had sat for a few years. Would start-die-star-die. ( no more than a 1-2 second run ..)

First, I pressurized fuel line backwards with a Mercedes AMG fuel pump, saw fuel spit out of several different places in fuel line. Determined it was sucking bubbles and causing it to not run, had solid compression.
Paid the older, now former owner a song for it. I feel guilty for what I got it for, he became a good friend after I bought it. The cars worth way what I got it for.
Installed a mid 80s' electronic low pressure Subaru frame pump on it, off like a mid 80s' carb'd Loyale. Installed it right after the fuel filter. Bypassed the stock mechanical Nissan pump. It overcomes any minor leaks prior to the filter, and minor leaks after the pump only slightly weep diesel to the point of slightly damp lines near the leaks. same way as when I put the same model fuel pump on my 83 Datsun 720 diesel, that now lives in Belize.

I now, may sell one of my Diesels, As i kinda have too many.
either , my white 1984' Corolla fastback 4 door wagon, auto. 1.8.
Or, my blue , very clean 1985 Sentra Diesel.
or just hang onto them forever. I dunno. I do want a very fast gas hot hatch for winter months, and when I have to get there quicker. so maybe barter for a hot hatch. undecided. I have a stiffy for the late 80s Corolla FX-GT and clean imprezas but they are so rare round these here parts.
my diesel Corolla can be found in the Ecomodder forum, Under the old thread, "this swap will go down in history"
you want more pics, send me a friend add on FB. under the same handle that I have on here, followed by last name - "notonline"

Re: Just got a clean running 1985 Sentra Diesel. any good mo

Posted: Thu Nov 30, 2017 2:36 pm
by Rover Brian
Do you still have the Sentra Diesel. Curious on what you have had to fix on it?? I picked one up myself too, an 1983.

Re: Just got a clean running 1985 Sentra Diesel. any good mo

Posted: Fri Dec 01, 2017 7:56 am
by plenzen
5 yr old post Mr.

You may want to try the "PM" button on his profile and try reaching out to him that way.

and of course

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