1987 UD2000 CLA83D New cab, fuel tank, and more! needed

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1987 UD2000 CLA83D New cab, fuel tank, and more! needed


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Hi all,
I just picked up a 87 UD 2000 CLA83D (I think) the cab is pretty dang trashed and I'm looking for ideas for replacing/fixing it.
Maybe a neat old ford cab?
most straight forward would be a total cab replacement.
specific needs for the cab are:
new doors,
steering column control set,
pretty much most of the dash could be replaced.
the interior is pretty much trashed but usable (holes in floor, all trim missing, no headliner, you name it)

It also needs a new fuel tank and I was thinking of going for something in the 50 gal range. (its a left side mount)

I'd love ideas and thoughts on any of this. I figure I'll have this truck for a long time and I'd like to turn it into something neat.
thanks in advance!
NIssan UD2000 CLAD83 dump bed
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