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toyota transmission in a 94 4x4 hardbody?

Posted: Mon Sep 08, 2014 3:05 pm
by slr
I have a 94 4x4 hardbody and I have a 84 mercedes 300D.
The hardbody motor is giving me a fit and the mercedes wiring is giving me a fit.
the mercedes is a om617 and numerous adapters have been made for it in various 4x4's but I have not found a hardbody adapter mfg'r yet. There are several makers for the om617 to toyo adapter makers.
So I'm wondering if anybody has successfully used a toyota transmission in a hardbody?
If so links to the

Re: toyota transmission in a 94 4x4 hardbody?

Posted: Tue Sep 30, 2014 8:22 pm
by ehtrain
biggest huddle you will have is the transfercase of the toyota is a passenger side drop and the nissan is a driver side drop. howver if you solid axle swap the front to a toyota solid axle this would solve this issue or get a gear drive toyota transfer case with a divorced transfercase kit then you can flip the t-case over for the nissan front drive line. however this would likely require adapters from either the t-case or diff flange.

the d21 is a good plateform for modification. the body panels are generally still available and they have a very solid frame to work with. the engine bay of these trucks are large enough to accommodate almost any engine setup. if you had a v6 engine or diesel you may also have an h233b rear axle which is very heavy duty for the size of the truck.

Re: toyota transmission in a 94 4x4 hardbody?

Posted: Wed Oct 29, 2014 9:35 am
by slr
Thanks for the input, that is some good info, I had not thought about a fr axle swap yet.
Yea, since I posted last I got deeper into the subject and started snooping the upullits to see whats available.
This guy has a great build using a GM automatic which is on the correct driveline with the nissan. It would give a power automatic transmission to the hardbody, and when I started studying the 80's gm/chevy 700R4 transmission I found the 86 or 87 thru 93 transmissions were fully hydraulic controlled. I'm going off of the last stuff I read so take the info with an ounce of effort and look up what I'm talking about for factual knowledge. I'm not wanting to stop and research just to make this post.
Anyway, The guys site is this ... pic=2258.0 Awesome build, calls it the mountain runner and paint job to boot. He makes it look so easy. For any one going to the page I personally would ask you to refrain from posting. When people started posting on the site it really chopped the shit out of his build and he stopped posting so often. The posters just muddled up the build imo. It was easier to stay in his mindset and see the possiblities without the questions and confusion.
He uses a standard cab chassis with a extended cab body, v6 or v8 gasser, automatic gm trans with computer (so it is newer trans than the one I mentioned above.
Thing is I put a fully hydraulic trans in a mopar 12 valve cummins and it has some real pluses going that route the formost that I like is no electronics to fight with. Just get some fire to the starter and nothing reliant on a computer, your going to go, so I like hydralics.