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Posted: Fri Jun 21, 2013 2:12 am
by davehoos
the early CD are obvious.
normal injector egr

mine was from a N14/B15 vintage AD van.
the van was built long after the car is updated.

I had a friend with 101-it was no daily driver.
I would have liked his petrol light weight.

I had 2 RD28 R31 skyline they are just modern design.
its not uncommon for crank bearing failures-lots of dealers told me over years they had Y60 lined up and replaced main bearings.i had many with head gasket failures.

the comment was that they did in car crank grinding and new shells.

I also heard that a lot suffered turbo failures--the transit van at work--old 2.4 had a few turbo smoke times.turned out it was blown head gasket into the oil feed passages.

Posted: Sat Jun 22, 2013 5:20 pm
by Datso
Ummm RD28 doesnt sound good anymore of even that run of Nissan diesels based on CA and RB looking blocks as they are both similar in design for the petrol ones some peeps even saying the CA is an RB with 2 pistons chopped off. However maybe the second gen or later version of those motors are better as some people swear by both engines.

Transit vans are horrible

I get the disco with the K series you mentioned earlier sorry I do know the K series disco well as in Discovery (gotta get with it) and not the corolla K series petrol motor :)

The 101 is a forward control landrover?

speaking of lightweight, I only know that there is perhaps one all alloy diesel engine made for either UK sold Renault or Pug based on the old Douvrin L4 2.2 & maybe an XU motor also but not sure on the XU. That 4 cyl petrol version is well known to go over 1 million Km with just servicing and cam belt changes. Also was available as a 12 valve motor 2 unequal size inlets for more swirl for the petrol version not sure on the diesel.

Posted: Sat Jun 22, 2013 7:16 pm
by davehoos
K series rover motor is a horrid engine that you get in freelander and MGF.
its a sandwich block--head bolts run to the main bearng caps.sold in the UK for tax reasons.

CA and RB are similar in technology but not design.these share no parts.
lots of media in the 80's that holden was hopping to supply family 2 engines to japan.the N13 har has a family 2 engine with CA transmison.

RB was inline based engine--that uses V6 design.RB is a good light diesel engine.

L series engine evolved into KA an other.SR and GA are very different.

I havnt worked out what your fitting this to,it shows melb-aust on your profile,i personally get a family 2 engine and run gas.a 1.6 camira[pulsar block] would be a rocket I a small Datsun.the cost would be scrap metal plus reprogram an 2 in England had RWD designs for a distributor,and commodore in NZ had a slim dist to give clearance.
today you can get aftermarket ecu that will operate off a flywheel or crank pulley and use coils.

or a CA16/18DE EXA would be at scrap prices.SR or GA from N14 will take a bit of modifications.and be cheeper to run than diesel.

I like mitubishi based engines as well.they make so many versions of engines that you can fit hem to anything.I wanted a diesel lancer to fit to a magna wagon-or a jumbuck with 4X4---but out of my price range.

Posted: Sat Jun 22, 2013 9:52 pm
by Datso
Yep know the F1 inspired Rover K series well :)

Really would like a small diesel for the 1000 coupe
for something different with upped boost as the CD
seemed like a good fit as its not much bigger than
a CA20e just a bit taller & beefier block.

I have thought about the Fam 2 engine but would be
laughed at by Nissan diehards including myself at
worst wanted to run an R16 SSS from fairlady or
bluebird circa 67-68 but heavy things much heavier
than L series engines so at worst will prefer to run
a non pollution L16 petrol, bigger bores, L18 crank,
Ka2de head, good ignition, pipes & quad R1 carbs.