My original Alternator finally gave in and died!

SD diesels were widely available in the US in the 1981-86 Datsun/Nissan 720 pickups, and in Canada through '87 in the D21 pickup.

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My original Alternator finally gave in and died!


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As you lot may recall, Six Months ago when I bought my "Tug", I had a "Dim" Alternator Light glowing on the Dash, then my Dash finally caught fire and I rebuilt it with "Hot Rod Parts" and a lot
of luck, Since then I have completed Six Trips of "550 Kilometers" collecting Scrap Brass and Lead with a Brand New Alternator under my Computer Desk at a Price of $152.00 from "Auto 8" here
in Australia and selling from "Evilbay", which now sell for $239.00, correct me if I'm wrong, but, Patience really is a Virture at times, {like my spelling}

I spent Saturday dismantling the old Alternator and Pressure cleaning the Main Engine, Chassis and Gearbox to my satisfaction, then interchanging some of the Oil Fittings on the Rear Pump
for my Brakes as there were differences between the Alternators in this matter that needed sorting then rang an "Auto Electrian" to Check and refit my wirering before I restarted the "Tug"
and blew the bloody lot up!

After "Adrian" {auto electrician} left, I sat down to supper and Four Two Fingers of Whisky after which my Lady put me to Bed to dream of tomorrow and my "Roaring, Bellowing" "SD25" Diesel
being Test Driven on the Sandown Track, {sorry} that should read, quietly being driven around the block while I watch for a "REd Light glowing" at a sadate speed, so watch this space for
my report to "Nasa" on the Test Flight!

Best regards to all,

Highway Man! :idea: :arrow:
Highway Man
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Re: My original Alternator finally gave in and died!


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Well, this Morning I awoke to the sounds of Wife scolding me for my Whisky Testing and took my Headache outside to test my D21 around the block and found all to be well, no red lights, no oil leaks, no Coolant leaks and brakes operating as they should although a little more acutely then before, which pleased me no end, It beats dragging a boot on the road to stop, or a House-brick
on a string for the same job of action!

I returned Home and Pressure cleaned our Grubby driveway and Wife is Smiling at this, so all is right with the world!

Regards, 8)
highway man!
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Re: My original Alternator finally gave in and died!


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Good to hear you got it sorted out. I too just recently had the dreaded dimly glowing red batt light on my dashboard. Voltage check showed it putting out 15-16 volts.
New regulator and rectifier and 150.00 of my Canadian dollars later and all was well with my world again as well.
I was seriously considering installing a 12v vacuum pump and doing away with the Nissan alternator all together and be done with it.
They are notoriously fragile and seems every 2 or 3 years I have to get it rebuilt.
I believe Al Savage (forum administrator and electrical guru and computer god ) has done a number of write ups on these things.
There was a modification he did using a diode bridge and rectifier/regulator swap over from a more robust alternator that involved some grinding and some other witchcraft he performed and managed to jam it all into the smaller SD unit C/W splined vacuum pump and all.

As for the "scolding wife",,,,,,,,,, there is no write up on this forum as how to deal with those.
Your on your own there Mr.
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