Fuel Filter Air leak corrosion

SD diesels were widely available in the US in the 1981-86 Datsun/Nissan 720 pickups, and in Canada through '87 in the D21 pickup.

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Fuel Filter Air leak corrosion


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Over the last month or two I have been occasionally been attacked by a gentle loss of power in no particular type of landscape, such as hills, uphills, downhills, or even the flat country I
traverse in my hunt for Scrap Metal to use in my second Hobby, whenever this becomes prominent I pull up if convenient, I pull into the roadside and go searching for leaks to jump out at me
so I can repair them During my "Cup of Tea break", but to no avail, I have changed the "Orings" on my filters fitted new Hose clamps and Copper Washers, while this Mechanical Game of hide and seek continues between my cups of tea, all to no avail!

While sitting in my "Deck Chair" sipping on my Cup of Tea, enjoying the Sunlight, I noticed the Fuel Filter Housing looked shinier then usual and wiped it over with the "Duty Rag", and to my surprise I found it was not only Shiny, the bloody thing was wet with Diesel, but not dripping, so I started up my Main Engine hoping to find a distinct leak, but nothing for these tired Eyes
to discover, so I made another "Cuppa" and left her at the Idle, and watched the Pretty Girls drive by me with a "Toot", and my thoughts were purely "Carnal" until I remembered my Fuel Leak
and my mind returned to my problem on hand and I had a snooze!

After my snooze I fired her up again and moved off to a Parking Bay for the night and cooked my supper, while doing this I felt the breeze swing a few degrees and smelt the scent of Diesel
and lifted the Bonnet and Low and behold my Filter Unit was wet and shiny again, so I ate my Supper, {a tin of Irish Stew},made myself another "Cup of Tea" and curled up in Bed for the
night, after a long hard days work!

Dawn found me making yet another Cup of Tea, awaiting the suns appearance, and I then lifted the Old Girls Bonnet looking for any wet bits only to be met by a Damp Dusty Fuel Filter
housing, which I wiped over and found nothing to get me excited, so, I unbolted the Housing from the inner mudguard and wiped over the back and front of the housing which were usually
partially out of sight, and there was a crack in the Grey Paint, so I got this wonderful idea of turning on my new "Electric Fuel Pump", I had fitted for just such an Fact finding emergency
such as I was facing right now, and as it built up just a little pressure, the Crack in the housing paintwork became damp, then wet!

I turned off my Electric Fuel Pump, wiped the housing down to dry and clean yet again and bought out the Matchbox from my Emergency kit and broke a match into a Wedge shape and
pushed it into the crack in the offending paintwork, {must have been a bad batch of paint},LoL, I left all this mess just sitting while I made my Breakfast, Toast and two Teas, after which I found all looked very well and gently washed the housing with Soap and water and patted it dry until about ten in the Morning and I then mixed a small dose of {five minute Arildite} and troweled with my finger this gunk over the repair and let it dry until Lunchtime, {more toast and tea} afterwhich I reassembled everything and I fired the Lady up, and to my relief she kept
Her Leaky bits dry, this all held together for the remaining three days of my trip, {watched closely}!

Once home I bought a complete new unit from "Autocheap" in Rockingham for a very cheap $80.00 and replaced the original Unit of Thirty Years Old!

I have an old "Live Steam Garden Railway" out in my backyard which I built many Years ago and I still have the "miniature Movie Cameras" I had to film these that are still on the internet,
and I was thinking I might try and use one to film a "Scrap Trip" and give you all a chuckle in doing so!

Best regards,

highway Man!
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