Sd22-sd23 cylinder head differences

SD diesels were widely available in the US in the 1981-86 Datsun/Nissan 720 pickups, and in Canada through '87 in the D21 pickup.

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Sd22-sd23 cylinder head differences


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So after getting my piston and liner debacle sorted out I took the head to the machine shop to have it pressure checked and magna fluxed and hot tanked and well it’s severely cracked they have located a good used sd23 head but not sure if it will fit and has to be pre paid before they bring it in so before I fork out 500 bucks will this head work or does it have to be a sd22 head :shock:
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Re: Sd22-sd23 cylinder head differences


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I do not have an answer for you, but whenever I hear about the SD23 or SD25 they are always put together, but the SD22 is left out of the description/never mentioned, I do not have an SD22 head loose to compare to my SD25 head.
Where are you located?
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