Philip's Datsun

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Philip's Datsun


Post by 1982Datsunsd22 » 10 years ago

6 months ago I purchased the late Philip's 1982 Datsun sd22 from the orig. owner who gave it to him 5 yrs ago [he got it back from Phil's estate]I have not had to make any mech.repairs ,but I have made cosmetic changes. Added consouls vinal sprayed gray and will be adding carpet soon. I also painted the wheels black and added chrome lugnuts cost $30.

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Post by rlaggren » 10 years ago

Well, thanks for that update! We Americans don't usually think much about the provenance of things, but it's kinda neat, especially when you know something about its past yourself. Gives a bit of continuity and all that.

Cheers, Rufus
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Post by plenzen » 10 years ago

I echo Rufus' comments

Welcome !

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Blast from the past


Post by JonX » 9 years ago

Wow! I can't remember the last time I saw one of these. The interior looks amazing for its age.

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