My 1971 Datsun work truck

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My 1971 Datsun work truck


Post by waynosworld » 3 years ago

This is my 1971 Datsun 521 work truck, it was made by me to suit my needs, hauling heavy loads, debris, and firewood.
100_0146.JPG (1.09MiB)Viewed 1056 times
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This one of the many loads of wood I have hauled over the last 20+ years with this truck.
DSCN0393.JPG (2.51MiB)Viewed 1056 times
Recently I bought and installed a 1973/74 Datsun 620 power brake booster, and 1979 Datsun 620 brake master, the truck has dual SUs, power steering, a heavy duty 5 speed transmission, a LZ23 hybrid engine, and front disc brakes from a 1990 V6 hardbody.
DSCN7039.JPG (455.02KiB)Viewed 1056 times
The first power brake booster only lasted a couple months so I installed another one today, unfortunately they forgot to install an internal rubber piece and I was very unhappy for a while, I pulled it back apart and figured out what was wrong and used the bad boosters rubber piece, this usually takes me a week or more to figure stuff out like my 521 turbodiesel issue, but I figured it out right away this time and now I have my awesome brakes back again, I drove this thing for 20 years with the stock single reservoir/circuit brake master like when I hauled that load of wood above home, I should have upgraded to power brakes 20 years ago.
This truck is likely put together from 20/30 different truck/car parts, I made a list once, people had to scroll down a long ways to see all the different parts that make up this truck because the screen was not big enough, it's my my only Datsun 520/521 that is not a kingcab.

Here is a photo of my 1966 Datsun 520 ute.
DSCN5879.JPG (462.45KiB)Viewed 1056 times
DSCN5881.JPG (440.59KiB)Viewed 1056 times
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