Need R180 4.38 gear for my 200 sx

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Need R180 4.38 gear for my 200 sx


Post by NRD18 »

I am looking for a 4.38 gear ratio in the R180 chunks to put in my 200 sx dirt car. Running a 4.11 now, just need to turn more rpms for the smaller tracks
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Post by olderthanme »

I have a R180 4.38 that seems to be in great shape. rotates fine, no noises from spider gears.
$250 + shipping from Atlanta.
Not really wanting to sell for less as its also in storage for a future 240Z project.
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Post by scca240z »

Do you still have the 4.38? I'm in Atlanta and need a 4.38 for Barber Motorsports park.

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