Great LD28 parts: IP, injectors and more *All parts sold*

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Great LD28 parts: IP, injectors and more *All parts sold*


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Hello all,

I have a few nice LD28 parts available:

-Complete IP bought NEW about 5 years ago from A Savage, about 50,000 miles of use, works perfectly. It has one small seeping leak from a small flat gasket (not a seal) on the housing. Comes with injector lines attached.

-Six injectors, rebuilt about 4 years ago; work great.

-A Savage custom double-roller-bearing IP belt tensioner, works fine.

-280zx turbo oil pump pulled from a junkyard turbo gas engine, and used in my LD28 for a few years. This pump increased the oil pressure at idle.

-Crankshaft harmonic balancer, the rubber shows some cracks but still worked fine when it was installed.

That's about it. Price is $500 OBO for the whole pile, plus $40 shipping cost, payable via paypal goods.

Edit: All parts are sold, thanks!~
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