SD 33 parts

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SD 33 parts


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A little more than 3 years ago a friend of mine and I drove down to Ceres, CA (we live in Southern Oregon) and bought pretty much everything that JESCO had left. They had already closed at that time. The first year I sold quite a bit of stuff on ebay and currently am on a push to clear out my shop.

I'm not particularly worried about the smaller stuff but I have 2 used blocks and 5 NOS cranks. I would like to find someone close enough to where I live that would want to drive here for these. I sold 1 crank on ebay and determined that it just wasn't worth the trouble as they add the shipping in to arrive at their "final value" amount that they charge me on.

I do have one used SD22 inj. pump, several NOS SD33 inj. pumps, NOS turbos, air cleaner canisters (both yellow and blue) and other stuff. I have NOS compression testers for the SD33. My email is
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