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Data drive fan failure took down server Memorial Day weekend

Posted: Wed Jun 02, 2010 6:49 pm
by asavage
It only happens when I'm out of the state :(

The server has three external SCSI drives, in Sun enclosures. The cat's ass back in the day.

The UPSs (several) have bad batteries. We had a power glitch, the server restarted but one of the external enclosures' fans didn't start. It overheated and the SCSI chain ground to a halt. Auto-reboot wouldn't help, because the enclosure stayed hot.

I've done the bare minimum to get it up again, but I will need to tear the fan apart, clean & lube it (or solder in a new fan). I have spare HDDs but no spare Sun enclosures. Realistically, I should invest in newer storage hardware, but definitely not this month!

Anyway, as I type this, it appears to be OK. As I drive 63 miles away . . .