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Admin away 11Mar through 23Mar2011

Posted: Tue Mar 08, 2011 9:07 pm
by asavage
Driving from Duvall, Wash. to South Pasadena, Calif. again. This was my usual Christmas visit to Dad, but this year with a new partner, more work schedules to juggle, and Dad wasn't feeling well around Christmas, we didn't make it.

Turns out he's got colon cancer, and has just started chemotherapy -- the reason he hasn't been feeling well -- so this trip is a bit more significant than the usual annual visit.

Marc & I will be visiting at least four different friends/family on this trip, so at least six days on the road and five down in SoCal.

As usual, if the server blows up while I'm gone, nothing will get fixed until I return after 23Mar. Don't melt down if you can't get to the site; it'll get fixed when I'm back in town.