Dealing with all subsystems specific to the diesel powered Datsun-Nissan 720 pickup trucks.

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Hi All,
Does anyone else have trouble getting the correct belts from the big box parts stores? When I get replacements they are the correct length, but too narrow in section, causing them to run down deep in the pulley grooves and wear quickly. Any Gates or other name brand part numbers recommended?
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Re: Belts


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Yes ... problem. For my 1982 SD22, NAPA fitted their "NAPA Premium XL-25-9375" belt. Works right.
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Does the NAPA Premium XL-25-9375 belt squeal? I keep the belt tight and the latest crop of belts squeal when the generator is loaded. The generator pulley is slick and if the belt is glazed there is slippage.

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I use Dayco Top Cog Belts #'s DAY-17385 for the one and Day-17365 for the other. ( I dont recall which is which) I do have an SD25 though and do not know if they are the same.

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