Selling my SD22 flatbed- Eugene, OR

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Selling my SD22 flatbed- Eugene, OR


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First of all I'd like to thank everyone (especially Al and Philip) for all their help in getting this truck up to snuff. I've come to the realization that an old pickup really doesn't meet our needs as our only vehicle and I've decided to sell.

I think I've gotten every issues that I've mentioned on this board addressed at this point so it is a solid daily driver. My mileage has also come up since I replaced brake calipers and I averaged 40 mpg on a recent tank and that was mostly freeway driving at speeds higher than optimal for mileage.

Here's the link to my ad on CL:

I'm asking $3000. The only other one listed in this area is at more than twice this price
'82 Datsun Diesel 720 kingcab flatbed- Biodiesel - $3000
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Date: 2007-09-09, 11:47AM PDT

I'm selling my '82 Datsun flatbed with the legendary SD22 diesel engine and 5-speed transmission. This is a factory diesel not a conversion. 211,xxx miles on the clock and running strong. It has over 400 psi compression in each cylinder. This is an extremely durable and economical vehicle. These are the most durable of the diesel pickup engines, built like a stone axe. 28-40+ mpg. I've been running B99 biodiesel most of the year and mostly B20 in the winter with no issues whatsoever. I have put a ton of new parts and labor into making this a reliable daily driver. It's ready to go anywhere, just back from a 600 mi. trip into the mountains. The body and interior are a bit rough but everything works. It would definitely benefit from a carpet kit. It has Acura Integra seats which are much better than the originals and provide more room and better access to the rear.

New within the last 8000 miles:
biodiesel-compatible fuel lines;
new glow plugs;
new priming pump;
new clutch and machined flywheel;
new clutch master and slave cylinders;
transmission and differential filled with AMSoil synthetic ($$);
new brake calipers and pads;
new parking brake cables;
new front tires;
4 new shocks, load leveller coil-overs in rear for better hauling;
new muffler;
valve adjustment and 3 oil/filter changes;
new fuel filters;
larger mirrors and auxilary backup light;

I'm only selling because a pickup doesn't meet my needs right now.

I'm happy to answer questions via e-mail but be sure to include your phone number if you'd like to come see it.

Note: the pictures are a little dated, I no longer have the wooden bed rails pictured but the stake pockets in the bed make it easy for you to build whatever suits you.

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'82 SD22 720 Kingcab with flatbed
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