HHO Water for diesel

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HHO Water for diesel


Post by sidevalve »

Hey everybody love this forum . Has anyone here tried one of these HHO water for diesel gismos . I keep hearing about this stuff and see it on you-tube . but I'm reluctant to fork out the dough for a DIY booklet . This info has to be somewhere for free . It sounds like a great idea :idea: do any of you know anything about this stuff . thanks pete sd22 powered 1987 toyota 1ton .
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Post by TooManyIdeas »

I've been doing a bit of research on the subject for awhile. From what I've gathered running a vehicle on 100% water isn't viable yet, it does make a great mileage improver. I found this link for a premade kit but as of right now I don't have that kind of money to invest in a recreational experiment.

http://www.sotechsystems.com/store/perf ... _1024.html
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Post by ecomike »

From what I have read so far it sounds viable, but this guys prices are out of site for what he is offering. Guys like us could pretty much build a cadilac version out of scrap stuff for under $50 in materials easily.

That said, the only viable (in my opinion) version I have seen is one that uses waste heat from a muffler (or cat converter) in combination with a "reversed Peltier" effect Thermo electric generator to produce the DC voltage to drive the HHO Brown's gas generator.

I just don't buy the running it off the alternator idea, and most of our alternators don't have any reserve output available anyway.

But getting some H2 fuel and oxygen ( Browns gas ) for free using the waste muffler heat as the energy source to drive a thermoelectric solid state generator that coverts heat into electricity and thus adds H2 and O2 ( and what ever else is in Brown's gas ) from an electrolysis cell , and feeding that extra fuel to the intake and adding the benefit that it ( H2 ) also improves diesel combustion, increases torque and power yield ( read as improves MPG ) by burning the diesel better sounds like a cool idea to me.

I posted a link to a site in Canada here a few months ago that I think got moved to the OFF topics area as a new thread, but no one ever replied to it. That link was to a site where a Canadian firm is going public selling these units for big 18 wheeler diesel trucks for $10,000 a pop with 6 month RTOs already being reported by several major trucking firms up north.

It also detailed a 1978 US DOE research report where the H2 feed to a diesel engine was first tested and proven to improve the power and MPG yield of the diesel fuel feed well beyond just the added BTU of the H2 feed, demonstrating the value of the concept of H2 supplementation feed to the air intake of diesel engines. Seems it makes the PD diesel burn cleaner and more efficiently.

I ran out of time to research the sources of the thermoelectric solid state chips needed to produce the electricity of the waste heat of the muffler. It's still on my Iwantaresearchit further to do list.


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