1980 KC 4x4 gaser for parts-FREE!!!

Buy it, sell it, negotiate, haggle, drag it out from under the workbench or behind the garage and make it someone else's problem!

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1980 KC 4x4 gaser for parts-FREE!!!


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I ended up with this truck for free so that's the way it's going,but you've got to get it now no waiting,have got to have it gone out of here within the next couple of days, it's pretty well stripped but all the four-wheel-drive stuff is still there, and it's a rolling chassis with most of the sheet metal still there, no radiator and the instrument panel, seats,tailgate, left front fender, most of the electrical harness, multi-switch, and a whole slew of small electrical items are no longer there, the transmission front and rear ends driveshaft exhaust system rear bumper and the bed are intact, brake lights and brackets are missing, heater core is missing, doors or are there and intact except for the locks have been cut out instead of removed, interior door panels are intact along with the handles the window cranks etc. I can even deliver it within 25 or 30 miles of my location for free! I live in Bow Washington,above Mount Vernon below Bellingham on the I-5 corridor,come and get it quick, two days maximum or she goes to the torch and becomes little itty bitty pieces :) you can call me at: 407-399-4356 any time day or night.
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