Automatic transmission for '96 TD27 turbo..?

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Automatic transmission for '96 TD27 turbo..?


Post by Kolatogari »

HY there, long time no seen..

To make a long story short, I just bought a Jeep Cherokee 4,oL high output, I want to convert him to diesel power and happend to have crashed Terrano2 in my barn yard.
As the terrano has a manual gearbox, I'm lokking for a automatic transmission to fit with the engine, and the NP242 Transfercase.
So what transmission Fits to the TD27 engine and with no damm Computer?

I Also have a LD28, witch I had in my land rover few years ago. But figured she would be too heavy and low powered.
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Post by (EST)MahviaDeTyrk »

Terrano 2 is avilable with automatic gearbox - but I don't know is these gearbox with computer
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Post by davehoos »

TD range of diesel used an auto trans in the early days but these have no transfer end up with a trans box at the back of the car.

all terano/pathfinder/patrol etc use a ecu controled 4 speed.its shared type with 4X2 and 4X4 like skyline etc.

rear drive shaft is in the center possition and the front shaft comes out depending on what model the tranfer box come from.

jeep has a range of auto transmission,i would adapt the engine to the bullt proof jeep auto.

i woudnt bother with an auto conversion unless it was from the same size/wieght end up with a preselect type shifting.

convert the 4.0 6cyl to a gas engine.LPG/natural gas.
the australia designed valiant hemi engine is very good in its original form[215-265 Cin and with the jeep fuel injection is very good,some valiants has triple webbers.
the engine was use in in rambler vehicles,dont know about this version,chyrsler used an older slant 6 in the USA and other markets.
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Post by Kolatogari »

Well, the 4L engine is getting pretty tierd. So I don't want to use that engine. The Asin warner transmission in the cherokee is in fine shape, but computer controlled. I'm leaning for a old GM700 transmission and some adaptor plates. I was hoping to use nissan trans, so i only have to adapt it to the transfer case, but is seem not to be possable becouse of the computers...... So does anyone know where i can buy adaptor for GM trans to match the TD27?

P.S not weary good plan to have a Gas engine when driving over deep glacier rivers.. :P
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