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Discuss (and cuss) the Nissan LD-series OHC Six diesel engine, popularly available in the US in 1981-83 Datsun/Nissan Maxima Sedans & Wagons.

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Check this out.


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I do my own "rebuilds" on 4cyl VW Bosch VE pumps.
It's really not that difficult.
Parts are easily obtained at any Bosch distributor.

Here is a link to help you all see what is involved.

www.vwdiesel.net/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t= ... p+assembly

Just scroll down past the 1st few posts about translating it from French to English, and you'll find the whole thing posted in English.
BTW...1st rule of IP surgery : Cleanliness!
Notice how clean everything pictured is.
Hope this helps someone.
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Great site for Bosch IP's. Now I finally know what Al was talking about with the "vane pump wearing"! And there seems there may be a fix if the the 6'er pumps have a similar pressure regulator on them.


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Pressure regulator is a common and easy fix. You need a modified 13mm socket to remove it though.
Worn vanes can be compensated for by simply adding a lift pump at(or near) the tank to feed the IP with a little pressure,thus relieving the vane pump from doing the job(s) of pulling fuel from the tank,AND transferring it to the high pressure head section.
There are MANY old Rabbits running around with worn Bosch VE pumps, yet are still performing well by adding a cheap "vibrator" style electric fuel pump,between the tank and fuel filter.
VW (and probably Nissan as well) "Cheaped Out" by not including a lift pump on their cars. Just about every other Mfg does: Mercedes, Dodge (Cummins) Ford's old 6.9 and 7.3's as well as the Powerstrokes, all have a lift pump.
On the 6.9 in my trusty old F-350 the lift pump is nothing more than a mechanical cam driven pump,bolted on the side of the block,...just like on carburatered gas vehicles of old. NBD.
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